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权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) 第1季 第09集 第14期

洒了一地 and rolling onto the floor. 有人敢这样对我 我非宰了他不可 I would have killed the man who did that to me. 你早就应该知道她是个妓女 You should have known she was a whore. 是吗 Really? 那年我才十六岁 喝了酒 动了情 I was 16, drunk and in love... 一个险遭强暴的女孩 A girl who was almost raped 绝不会刚过两个小时就请男人上床 doesn't invite another man into her bed two hours later. 如我所言 我当时年少无知 As I said, I was young and stupid. 你现在还是一样 You are still young and stupid. 怎么回事 你要干嘛 What is it? What do you want? 再睡仗就打完了 You're sleeping through the war. -什么 -他们趁夜色向我方进军 - What? - They stole a night's march on us. 就在北边一英里 They're a mile north. -叫我的侍从过来 -你没有侍从 - Get my squire! - You don't have a squire. 如果我死了 要为我掉眼泪 If I die, weep for me. 你人都死了 怎么会知道 You'll be dead. How will you know? 我就是知道 I'll know. 看着点 让开 Watch out! Move! 别挡路 Out of the way! 一边去 Move aside! 压低身子 Stay low. 为什么 Stay low? 如果你命大的话 没人会注意你 If you're lucky, no one will notice you. 我天生命大 I was born lucky. 艾林谷的原住民听好 Tribesmen of the Vale, 集合 Gather round! 石鸦部 Stone Crows! 黑耳部 灼人部 Black Ears! Burned Men! 月人部 Moon Brothers! 还有画犬部 And painted dogs! 从现在起 艾林谷就是你们的了 Your dominion over the Vale begins now! 拿回你们应得的东西吧 Onward to claim what is yours! 半人万岁 半人万岁 half man! Half man! 半人万岁 半人万岁 Half man! Half man! 半人万岁 半人万岁 Half man! Half man! 出征 To battle. 你这算个屁的战士 You're a shit warrior. 我还活着 I'm alive? 你还活着 You're alive. 我们赢了吗 Did we win? 要是输了 我们哪儿还有命聊天 We wouldn't be having this conversation if we didn't. 原住民的表现怎么样 How did our tribesmen do? 还不错 Yeah, good. 很高兴能看见他们和睦相处 It's nice to see them getting along. 你受伤了 You're wounded. 您能注意到真是太好了 Good of you to notice. 听说我们赢了 I hear we won. 哼 斥候的情报有误 Hmph. The scouts were wrong. 史塔克那边参战的部队只有两千 而非两万 There were 2,000 Stark bannermen, not 20,000. 那逮着那个史塔克小鬼了吗 Did we get the Stark boy, at least? 他没在这里 He wasn't here. 那他在哪儿 Where was he? 跟余下的一万八千人在一起 With his other 18,000 men. 他们又在哪儿 And where are they? -夫人 我们该走了 -不 - We should go, my lady. - No!来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170721/477663.html