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专业级滑雪英语教程 第08期:选择雪道

Line Choice 选择雪道 Choosing the right line will let u get the most out of your rhyme. 选择一条合适的滑雪线会让你充分利用你的节奏。 obstacles, snow conditions and your ability are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the perfect line 场地障碍物,雪况以及你自身的滑雪技巧在选择最佳滑雪线的时候都是需要考虑在内的因素。 I am standing at the top of small shoot here as a few options on the way in 现在我站在小山坡这,有好几个选择可以进入 left hand side fields had a little bit more sun so I feel the shady sides gonna be a little bit better snow quality 左手边的地方有些阳光所以我觉得右手边有阴影的地方雪况要好一些 one of my biggest concerns is the tree in the middle 我最担心的就是最中间的那棵树 standing here I haven't actually decided which side of the tree I'm gonna go 站在这儿我还没有想好要从树的哪边滑下去 but I'm gonna be looking ahead and make that decision as I get nearer 但是我会朝前看等快要接近的时候再做决定 It's worth taking a moment at the top around to scan your line 站在坡顶俯瞰会儿你滑行的路线还是值得的 you are scanning the slight obstacles such as rocks and trees 看看一些比如说石头或者树啊之类的阻碍 before I head off down here I can only see the rocks on the right, small tree on the left 滑下去之前,我唯一能看见的右边的石头和左边的树 and i am gonna to set myself up so I am in a good position to enjoy the whole run 现在我要作好准备,让自己处于一个好的状态,享受整个滑行。 It's the first turn, snow in a little bit wind blown 这是第一个转弯,雪在微风中飘。 planning a run not only where you gonna go but also where you going to start 计划好你的滑程,你要滑到哪里并且在哪里开始。 If it feels more comfortable to maybe come down a few meters or even change directions 这样可能滑下去几米或即使改变方向也是比较有顺心的 Then get into position and start first a few turns with confidence and it will really set you up for the whole run 整装待发自信的开始第一个转弯,这样在整个过程中你才会真正的准备好 I'm not liking that look at these bumps down here 我不太喜欢这些小雪包 the snow is little fresh there, so I spin myself around and I am ready to go again 那儿的雪是刚下的,闪闪的,我转过身来,准备又要出发了 by looking at the line, especially in this tracked out powder of crud you can often find helpful bumps or natural features 看着滑雪线在这片被滑过很多的雪地上常会找到一些能帮助你的雪包或者自然地形。 It's quite often I'll see a bump and use that as an aid to start my turn 我经常会看到一个雪包然后作为我开始转弯的助力 but once I made that decision ,i am not gonna stare at it and i am gonna keep looking down the slope 但是我一旦做出那个决定,我就不会一直盯着雪包看而是朝沿着雪坡的方向往下看 using these small bump will help release the weight on the skis and make it easier to initiate the turn 借助这些小小的雪包会帮助你减轻对雪板的压力,从而让入弯变得更容易。 by plotting a line and looking ahead it really made the whole run flow 计划一个滑雪路线并向前看会使你的整个滑雪变得流畅 this is something all good skiers do, from world cup racers who would be looking for good smooth line between the gates to big mountain extreme skiers who really gonna need to know where they are on the mountain 这是所有优秀滑雪者必做的,不管是需要在旗门中寻找最流畅路线的世界大奖赛运动员还是随时需要知道自己所处位置的大山极限滑雪者。 with experience this will become second nature 随着经验的积累,这会变成第二个本性 plan ahead, be ready and enjoy it 提前计划,随机应变然后享受。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170721/477662.html