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权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) 第1季 第09集 第13期

于是在詹姆追赶强奸犯的同时 so while Jaime hunted down the rapers 我带她到附近的旅馆 弄了点东西给她吃 I took her to the nearest inn and fed her. 她叫泰莎 Her name was Tysha. 她爹是车匠 父母双亡 She was a wheelwright's orphan. 她当时饥肠辘辘 And she was hungry... 我俩足足吃了三只烤鸡 又喝干了一整壶酒 together we finished off three chickens and a flagon of wine. 难以想象 Impossible as it seems, 那时我还不胜酒力 there was a time when I was unaccustomed to wine. 我把对女孩的恐惧抛在脑后 I forgot how afraid I was around girls, 忘记了她们看到我时总是嘲笑 how I was always waiting for them to laugh at me 或是尴尬地别开视线 or look away embarrassed 再就是向我打听我那高大英俊的老哥 or ask me about my tall handsome brother. 我脑子里就只有泰莎 I forgot about everything but Tysha. 等我回过神来 已经跟她躺在床上 And somehow I found myself in her bed. 三只烤鸡哪 可不能白吃 For three chickens, I should hope so. 很快就完事了 我都不知道自己究竟在干嘛 It didn't last long. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. 不过她对我很好 But she was good to me. 事后她吻了我 She kissed me afterwards 然后唱了一支歌 and sang me a song. 到第二天清晨 我已经爱上她并且求婚了 And by morning I was deep enough in love to ask for her hand. 讲几句谎话 塞几枚金币 A few lies, a few gold coins, 找个喝醉酒的修士 one drunken septon 然后就成了一对夫妻 and there you have it... man and wife. 过了两个星期的夫妻生活 等那修士酒醒了 For a fortnight anyway, until the septon sobered up 便把事情禀报给了我老爸 and told my father. 你的故事八成是讲完了吧 I imagine that was the end of all that. 还没有呢 Not quite. 他先要詹姆跟我说实话 First, my father had Jaime tell me the truth. 其实 那女孩是个妓女 The girl was a whore, you see. 整件事都是詹姆安排好的 Jaime had arranged the whole thing, 从那条路到强奸犯 所有的一切 the road, the rapers... all of it. 他认为是时候让我体验男女之事了 He thought it was time I had a woman. 我老哥坦白之后 After my brother confessed, 老爸就把我老婆叫进来 my father brought in my wife 交给他手下的卫兵 and gave her to his guards. 他出的价挺公道 一人一枚银币 He paid her well... a silver for each man. 多少妓女能值这个价 How many whores command that kind of price? 他带我到军营里 逼我全程观赏 He brought me into the barracks and made me watch. 到后来 她赚的银币多到拿不下 By the end, she had so much silver 白花花的银子顺着指缝 that the coins were slipping through her fingers来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170720/477344.html