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权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) 第1季 第09集 第11期

请为我把他带回来 bring him back to me. 你到底做了什么 What have you done? 我非救他不可 I have to save him. 我们本可以逃到十英里外 We could have been 10 miles 踏上去亚夏的路途了 away from here by now on the way to Asshai. 您可以安然无恙 You would have been safe. [多斯拉克语] Jni'th vos eo. 这事不能继续 这事必须继续 你这巫魔女 [多斯拉克语] Mra qothoon vosaan 不 你不能进去 卡丽熙 Khaleesi! 休想再往前走 马王 你伤着了吗 Are you hurt? 孩子... The baby... 要生了 ...is coming. -快把接生婆找来 -她们不肯来 - Fetch the midwives. - they will not come. 她们说她是被诅咒的人 They say she is cursed. 她们敢不来 我就砍了她们的头 They'll come or I'll have their heads. 巫魔女 她会接生 The witch... she can bring baby. 我听她说过 I hear her say so. -你很痛苦吗 小狮子 -不 - Are you in agony, my lion? - No. 你这表情挺痛苦的 You look like you're in agony. 细皮嫩肉都给火烤到啦 The fire is burning your pretty soft skin. 你这该死的女人 就不怕痛吗 Damn you, woman. Are you immune to pain? -我习惯了 -喝酒 - Just used to it. - Drink. 我们玩个新游戏吧 Let's play a new game. 我可以教你们一个布拉佛斯的匕首游戏 There's a Braavosi knife game I could teach you... 有断手指的风险吗 Does it involve the potential for losing fingers? -赢了就没有 -不玩 - Not if you win. - No! 不要玩火玩刀子 No more fire games, no knife games. 来玩点儿我擅长的 Let's do something I'm good at. 你擅长什么 What are you good at? 我碰巧很擅长看相识人 I happen to be a great judge of character. -听上去很无趣 -当然不会 - This sounds like a boring game. - It's not. 规则是这样的 我说出你的经历 Here's how it works: I make a statement about your past. 如果我说对了 你喝 如果错了 我喝 If I'm right, you drink. If I'm wrong, I drink. 不准撒谎 你撒谎可骗不过我 And no lying. I'll know if you're lying. 我没兴趣 I don't want to play this game. 行 波隆先来 Fine. Bronn first. 你父亲打过你 Your father beat you. 不过我母亲打得更狠 But my mother hit harder. 你十二岁前杀了第一个男人 You killed your first man before you were 12. 是个女人 It was a woman. 她拿斧头砍我 She swung an axe at me. 你去过长城以北 You've been north of the Wall. 为什么去那里 What brought you up there? 工作 Work. 还有 And... 多年前你爱过一个女人 you once loved a woman many years ago, 然而到头来只是一场空 所以你永不言爱 but it turned out badly so you've never let yourself love again. 等等 那人是我 Oh wait, that's me.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170719/477028.html