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专业级滑雪英语教程 第02期:大回转姿态

Body Position Long Turns 大回转姿态 In longer radius turns, you can still feel your skis working under the body. 大弯中你能持续感觉雪板在脚下工作 As your retract and then extend your legs into the new turn. You need to drive your body down the hill. 你会收缩、伸展双腿,在下一个弯前你要将身体朝向山下 Here my skis are still in the last turn,but my body is already moving down the hill, in preparation for the next. 我的滑雪板还在保持在上个弯中的状态,但是我的身体已经准备为转弯做准备了 This allows you to release the edges and direct you towards the inside of the new turn . 这将释放板刃压力,并控制身体面向下一个弯的内侧 There result would be smooth linked high performance turns. 结果就是平稳、连续、高性能的大弯 You may have heard the expression stacked before in ski technique. And what that simply means is lining up your body. 你可能听过一种滑雪的身体姿态:“堆叠”,简单来说就是让你的身体保持在一条直线上 Now,as I'm stood here, as I line up my toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and hands. And you could say: I'm stacked. 现在站好,我的脚尖、脚踝、膝盖、髋、肩和手完全平行 Now that s by far the strongest position. Standing here like that, all of my ligaments, muscles and skeleton are all lined up. 这样姿态,由韧带、肌肉、骨骼组成稳定支撑 And that s gonna allow me to handle the huge pressures built up in modern performance skiing. 这样能够承受巨大的压力 Let s try an exercise to encourage that stack position for the knees and arms so you can get rid of the poles . 练习巩固下堆叠姿态。不需要手臂所以丢掉雪仗 and we would gonna to do 接下来要做的是 as I start to turn to my left I'm gonna point my right hand and it's gonna follow exactly where the right ski 我开始左转,我把右手抬起来,并且在整个转弯过程中,右手一直顺着右雪板的方向。 is going all the way through the turn as finish release the turn my hands going to come gently in front and then I can start to point my left hand 等到最后的时候,将右手放在身前,之后,再翘起你的左手, in the same direction as a less ski all the way through that turned 同样顺着左雪板滑行的方向。 meanwhile the other hand will be staying on the side sough I'm turning to the left the right hands following that ski and left hands 这时,另一只手放在一边就可以了。当我左转的时候,右手顺着右雪板的方向,把左手放在一边不动。 gonna rest on the side and that's going to stop that shoulder in twisting turning my body into the turn 这样可以防止我的身体随着转弯晃来晃去。 and this hand is in across over the skis I'm point where you wanna to it's just simply gonna follow the skis nothing rush nothing forced 手翘起来的时候,不用着急,也不用太用力,只要顺着雪板的方向就可以了。 start the turn hands in front and follow the ski have going 顺着滑雪路线,先把转弯方向的那只手放到前面, yeah the outside hands gonna follow 外侧的那只手和滑雪方向一致。 the outside ski release 放松外侧的滑板, make it's smooth transaction one turn to the next 轮到内测滑板和手臂做同样的动作。 reset keeping both hands forward and then start the next turn 重新开始的时候,两手都放在前面,进行下一个转弯。 when feeling comfortable with the excise grasp you poles back 当你对这项运动感到很舒服的时候,把雪橇后撤, focus on that body position as you skiing 在滑雪的时候专注于身体姿势。 now even I have the poles back the outside hand is still following the outside ski 现在,即使我把雪橇后撤,外侧的这只手还是随着外侧雪板的方向。 now that technique is much more for longer to medium size turn 如果是中弯或大弯,你所需要的技巧会更多。 in short turn simply don't have enough time you will be filling in your hands all over the place 在小短弯的时候,由于没有充足的时间,你的手会不停的换来换去。 remember short turn keep upper body still calm and facing down the hill 记住,转小弯的时候,一定要保持上身平静,并且面向山下。 but in longer turns stay stacked 但是,在转大弯的时候,就要保持平行了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170718/476726.html