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Whenever it was possible, I touched the machinery while it was in motion, so as to get a clearer idea how the stones were weighed, cut, and polished. I searched in the washings for a diamond and found it myself—the only true diamond, they said, that was ever found in the United States. 只要有可能,我都会摸一摸正在运转的机器,这样我就能更清晰地感受到矿石有多重,它们又是如何被切割被抛光的。我还亲自摸索到了一块正在清洗之中的钻石——人们告诉我说,这是在美国发现的唯一一颗真正的钻石。 Dr. Bell went everywhere with us and in his own delightful way desCRIbed to me the objects of greatest interest. In the electrical building we examined the telephones, autophones, phonographs, and other inventions, and he made me understand how it is possible to send a message on wires that mock space and outrun time, and, like Prometheus, to draw fire from the sky. We also visited the anthropological department, and I was much interested in the relics of ancient Mexico, in the rude stone implements that are so often the only record of an age—the simple monuments of nature's unlettered children (so I thought as I fingered them) that seem bound to last while the memorials of kings and sages crumble in dust away—and in the Egyptian mummies, which I shrank from touching. From these relics I learned more about the progress of man than I have heard or read since. 贝尔博士陪我们参观了所有的地方,他以令人愉快的方式向我描述了最有趣的展品。在电子大厦,我们试用了电话机、对讲机、留声机和其他发明。贝尔博士让我明白了信息是如何突破了空间和时间的羁绊而在电线上传播的,这就像普罗米修斯将火种带到了人间一样伟大。我们还参观了人类学展区,我对古代墨西哥文物产生了浓厚兴趣。粗糙的石器是那个时代仅有的记录,也是未开化的人类童年时期的简陋遗物(这是我用手指触摸后的感想)。一代代君王和圣贤的功劳簿在历史的尘埃中分崩离析,在埃及的木乃伊中被死亡尘封,但有些遗迹仍有幸留存到现在。通过对这些遗物的触摸,我更多地了解了人类文明的进化过程,而依靠别人的讲解和阅读是无法领会其中的深意的。 All these experiences added a great many new terms to my vocabulary, and in the three weeks I spent at the Fair I took a long leap from the little child's interest in fairy tales and toys to the appreciation of the real and the earnest in the workaday world. 所有这些经历令我的词汇量达到了一个新的水平。我在博览会耽延了整整三个星期,我从一个沉迷于童话故事和玩具的小孩子,一跃成为懂得欣赏平凡世界真善美的有心人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476483.html