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And we need to all gather together and say no to the tar sands. 我们必须团结一致向油砂说不。 And we can do that. There is a huge network all over the world fighting to stop this project. 我们可以做到这一点,遍布全球的庞大网络社群正致力于制止这项计划。 And I quite simply think that this is not something that should be decided just in Canada. 我认为这不仅是加拿大本身该做的决定。 Everyone in this room, everyone across Canada, 在座每位听众,每位加拿大国民, everyone listening to this presentation has a role to play and, I think, a responsibility. 每位聆听这场演讲的人都该贡献心力我认为这是一项责任。 Because what we do here is going to change our history, 因为我们的所作所为将改变人类历史, it's going to color our possibility to survive, 为人类生存的可能性带来希望, and for our children to survive and have a rich future. 为下一代的生存带来希望使他们拥有美好未来。 We have an incredible gift in the boreal, 北方森林提供了, an incredible opportunity to preserve our best defense against global warming, 不可思议的恩赐和机会,保存了对抗全球暖化的最佳防御工具, but we could let that slip away. 但我们或许会让它消失无踪. The tar sands could threaten not just a large section of the boreal. 沥青砂可能造成的威胁不仅是北方森林大部分区域。 It compromises the life and the health of some of our most underprivileged and vulnerable people, 也将危及一些弱势者的生命和健康, the Aboriginal communities that have so much to teach us. 危及对人类贡献良多的原住民小区. It could destroy the Athabasca Delta, 沥青砂将摧毁阿萨帕斯卡尔三角洲, the largest and possibly greatest freshwater delta in the planet. 它或许是世上最大、最壮观的淡水三角洲. It could destroy the Great Bear Rainforest, 它将摧毁大熊雨林, the largest temperate rainforest in the world. 世上最大的温带雨林. And it could have huge impacts on the future of the agricultural heartland of North America. 它可能对北美农业腹地的未来造成巨大影响. I hope that you will all, if you've been moved by this presentation, 我希望在座各位,如果这场演讲令你动容, join with the growing international community to get Canada to step up to its responsibilities, 请加入逐渐壮大的国际社群行列督促加拿大尽一己之责, to convince Canada to go back to being a climate change champion instead of a climate change villain, 说服加拿大再次成为对抗气候变化的斗士而非导致气候变化的罪魁祸首, and to say no to the tar sands, 向沥青砂说不, and yes to a clean energy future for all. 迎向拥有洁净能源的未来。 Thank you so much. 十分感谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170711/474491.html