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中级滑雪英语教程 第03期:转弯控速

Rounded Turns to Control Speed 转弯控速 Let's get to real as this state, when you point your ski down-hill that starts your turn. You gonna pick up your speed. 让我们来证实这种情况。当你把雪板转到山下时,你的速度就不可避免的开始加快了。 That is always gonna happen, you can't change that, what you can change is the fact you turning gradually nice and smooth up the hill before you start. 这是一定会发生的,你不可能改变它。你能改变的事是在你起速以前就把弯转的好看 So you gonna feel happy with your speed ,then you can start next one, a lot of people do a bad turn, 你会因为你的速度而开心,然后,开始另外一个。很多人转不好弯。 I think that was a rubbish turn, but in fact, it was turn before didn't control speed enough, 我认为那是一个糟糕的弯。但是,事实上,它是你在上一个弯速度没有控制好就转下一个了。 so make sure you get that brake, then you can start your next one. 所以,确定你能控制住速度,再去转下一个。 Down here, I want to make sure that I finished up the turn before I start next one, that way, 我想确定在我转下一个弯之前前面的弯已经很好的结束。 I'll start next turn confident and in control , 那样的话,下一个弯我就能控制而且能转的非常自信。 the turn will have nice round shape with no suddenly movement. 这种转弯将会是漂亮的圆形没有任何多余的动作。 Ok, so you should be stand with feel really nice smooth blind between the turns. 所以,你应该能自然的连转两个弯。 Nothing is false nothing is rushed, just link them together, as smooth as you can, perfect, let's give a going. 不紧不慢,正确而自然的把它们连接在一起。完美!我来演示一下。 Stand of top of ski, watch the rolling edge over and let the ski come around naturally, 站在滑雪板上,仔细观察运动中的板刃,让它自然形成形状。 using a round "s" shape turn to control your speed , 使用一个圆形S形弯去控制你的速度。 and keeping practicing on round shape you comfortable along. 不断练习圆形弯,那种你转的很舒服的弯。 How you find that useful, now, you should feeling the ski down parallel right away from beginning of the turn all the way through to the end. 现在你会发现那是多么有用。你从头到尾都能感觉到平行转弯。 Remember, if something is not working, go back to step and look at the basics. 如果有的小麻烦,回头重新看看这些基本要领。 Next time I'm gonna using some edging to feel some control and shape the ski to help you turn. 下次,我会教大家用立刃来控制速度和形状帮你转弯。 We gonna find some more challenging turn and finally look at the line choice. See you next time. 我们会学习更多有挑战性的转弯技巧,最后我们将进入雪道选择阶段。下期见。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170709/473924.html