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初级滑雪英语教程 第02期:基础滑行

Sliding on Snow 基础滑行 Find yourself a nice fled area, 找个好的滑行地点, place the skis on the snow, 把雪橇放在雪上 hip with the par and parallel 弄平行 until your toe bindings are lined up together. 直到雪橇前段在一条线上. One put in middle, and already to put the skis on. 放中间就能穿上了. Now barely mind the stage,the painting on the snow, 现在不要想场景和划痕, You might find you have snow stub follow your boots. 你可能发现鞋底有雪. You ought to give it a tap, 拍几下, with the ski stip,scrap 还得蹭几下 place the toe one the nice straight, 前段笔直平整地放好, look behind,make your shoes lind up 往后看,鞋子子啊一条线上 and give the boots solid. 给靴子一个力. push,ring 踩,固定了 So you get the skis on. 现在你穿上雪橇了. Now just spend a few minutes on the fled before you start sliding. 在滑行前在平地呆一会儿. Just get used to the feeling of them. 去感受他们. Balance and lift them up, slide and forward. 踩几下前后滑. One by one. 一个个来. And walk back and forth a few times. 也得前后走几下. Just get used to it. 去适应. So now I am trying to ski down the hill. 现在我尝试滑下坡. But before we do that. we will get up there. 但是在这之前,我们先上山. There is no point, 没什么要点, facing up to mountain, 面向大山, trying to walk the way you want to go. 尝试走到那里. You simply slide backwards 你简单地向前滑 and look like Micheal Jackson doing the moonwalk. 像迈克尔杰克逊的月亮步 What we want to do: 这就是我们要做的: get the ski sideway 让雪橇向一侧 and cross the hill, 经过小山, and gently use an eased ankle, 慢慢脚踝发力, roll the skis on to the edges 让雪橇倒向一侧 and start to step up. 开始走. We have made it to top slope. 我们去山坡顶部. It is now time to simply slide down. 是时候做点简单的滑行. You should pose, forbid bends, step brownd 你要摆好姿势,不要弯腰,走得漫不经心 Feet hip with the par, skis parallel. 抬臀走,保持平衡. Very important,head up and look the way going. 重要的是,抬头,目视前方. Anybody ever taught how to ride bike, 几乎每个人都学过自行车, most problem is the thing they looked down, 最大的麻烦就是不看路, they gonna lose balance forever. 那样就会失去平衡. So check the slope and gently start to slide. 检查山坡开始滑. couple push with the poles, 双双推动杆子, and just stand as normally as you can. 越正常越好. Ok perfect. 很棒哟. Now chosing the slope. 挑个山坡. So naturally come to stand still, 自然地站好, look for slope with fled part of the bottom, 寻找底部有平地的山坡, or even slide up-hill. 甚至是下半山. So you may get panic about fleeing up run away train. 你可能会害怕滑下去时有所偏离. Points stick the poles and try to stand still. 戳着雪,尝试站好. Literaly, stand still on the skis. 确切说是站在雪橇上. Let them get along with there. 自然地动作. If you are doing this without poles, 如果你不用杆子完成这些, it doesn't make any differences. 也没关系. Just relax and let it naturally slow down 放松,慢慢滑 and come to the stop. 停下来. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170708/473560.html