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Chapter XV 《我的生活》第十五章 The summer and winter following the "Frost King" incident I spent with my family in Alabama. I recall with delight that home-going. Everything had budded and blossomed. I was happy. "The Frost King" was forgotten. 《冰雪之王》事件之后那一年的夏天和冬天,我是同家人一起在亚拉巴马度过的。我愉快地找到了“归家”的感觉。万事万物都经历了抽枝发芽、竞相怒放的过程。我很高兴《冰雪之王》事件已成为过眼云烟。 When the ground was strewn with the CRImson and golden leaves of autumn, and the musk-scented grapes that covered the arbour at the end of the garden were turning golden brown in the sunshine, I began to write a sketch of my life—a year after I had written "The Frost King." 秋天,大地撒满了深红色和金黄色的树叶。散发着麝香味的葡萄藤遮盖了花园尽头的凉亭。在阳光的照耀下,一串串葡萄变成了金灿灿的红褐色。置身其中,我开始用笔勾勒我的生活——此时已经距我写《冰雪之王》一年有余。 I was still excessively scrupulous about everything I wrote. The thought that what I wrote might not be absolutely my own tormented me. No one knew of these fears except my teacher. A strange sensitiveness prevented me from referring to the "Frost King"; and often when an idea flashed out in the course of conversation I would spell softly to her, "I am not sure it is mine." At other times, in the midst of a paragraph I was writing, I said to myself, "Suppose it should be found that all this was written by some one long ago!" An impish fear clutched my hand, so that I could not write any more that day. And even now I sometimes feel the same uneasiness and disquietude. Miss Sullivan consoled and helped me in every way she could think of; but the terrible experience I had passed through left a lasting impression on my mind, the significance of which I am only just beginning to understand. 此时,我仍旧对我写的任何东西抱着谨小慎微的态度。我写的东西也许并不完全属于我自己——这样的想法深深地折磨着我。除了我的老师,没有人知晓我的恐惧心理。这种神经过敏的古怪心理使我对《冰雪之王》事件这类事敬而远之。因此常会有这样的事发生,在同老师交谈的过程中,当我萌生出一个想法时,我就会对她拼写出这样的句子:“我不太肯定这是我自己的。”另外,当我把某段文字写到中间的时候,我就会对自己说:“你写的这些东西可能早已经被人写过了!”一种戏谑般的恐惧感攫住了我的双手,于是,那一天我会无法再写出任何东西。直到现在,我还能时常感受到同样的忧虑和不安。苏立文小姐想方设法帮我摆脱困境,但是可怕的经历给我留下了难以磨灭的印记,而对于其中的重要意义我也只是刚刚开始理解。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170707/473322.html