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Since the publication of "The Story of My Life" in the Ladies' Home Journal, Mr. Anagnos has made a statement, in a letter to Mr. Macy, that at the time of the "Frost King" matter, he believed I was innocent. He says, the court of investigation before which I was brought consisted of eight people: four blind, four seeing persons. Four of them, he says, thought I knew that Miss Canby's story had been read to me, and the others did not hold this view. Mr. Anagnos states that he cast his vote with those who were favourable to me. 《我的生活》刊登在《女士之家》杂志以后,阿纳戈诺斯先生便发表了一项声明,他在给梅西先生的一封信中提到了《冰雪之王》事件。他相信我是无辜的,据他说,调查团由八名成员组成,包括四名盲人,四名正常人。其中的四人认为我读过肯拜小姐的故事,而另外四人则不支持这种观点。阿纳戈诺斯先生表示,作为调查团成员之一,他投了支持我的一票。 But, however the case may have been, with whichever side he may have cast his vote, when I went into the room where Mr. Anagnos had so often held me on his knee and, forgetting his many cares, had shared in my frolics, and found there persons who seemed to doubt me, I felt that there was something hostile and menacing in the very atmosphere, and subsequent events have borne out this impression. For two years he seems to have held the belief that Miss Sullivan and I were innocent. Then he evidently retracted his favourable judgment, why I do not know. Nor did I know the details of the investigation. I never knew even the names of the members of the "court" who did not speak to me. I was too excited to notice anything, too frightened to ask questions. Indeed, I could scarcely think what I was saying, or what was being said to me. 其实,无论这一事件的结果如何,也无论阿纳戈诺斯先生把自己的票投向哪一方,每当我走进他的办公室时,他总会把我抱在膝上嬉戏玩耍,从而忘掉种种烦恼。当时,他已经发觉到有人对我产生了怀疑,而我也感到周围弥漫着某种险恶的敌对气氛;其后发生的事件终于印证了这种不祥的预感。整整两年间,阿纳戈诺斯先生似乎一直相信我和苏立文小姐是清白无辜的。但是后来,他的立场发生了明显的偏转,我不知道这是为什么,也不知道具体的调查细节。我甚至连“陪审团”成员的名字都不知道,他们也不曾跟我说过话。当时,我心情激动,难以顾及其他事情;而且,我吓得惊恐万状,根本无法提出异议。事实上,我几乎想不起来我说过什么话,或者别人跟我说过什么话。 I have given this account of the "Frost King" affair because it was important in my life and education; and, in order that there might be no misunderstanding, I have set forth all the facts as they appear to me, without a thought of defending myself or of laying blame on any one. 我所以把《冰雪之王》事件详加描述,是因为它在我接受教育的过程中意义非常。行为得当,也就不会引起误解发生。因此,一旦误解再度出现时,我会阐明事实,既不会巧言辩白,也不会怨天尤人。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170704/472420.html