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For a long time, when I wrote a letter, even to my mother, I was seized with a sudden feeling of terror, and I would spell the sentences over and over, to make sure that I had not read them in a book. Had it not been for the persistent encouragement of Miss Sullivan, I think I should have given up trying to write altogether. 有很长一段时间,即便是在给母亲写信的时候,我也会感到如临大敌般惴惴不安。我会反反复复地拼写句子,以确信我并没有在某本书中读到过这些话。如果没有苏立文小姐持久的鼓励,我想我肯定无法把那些单词组合成句。 I have read "The Frost Fairies" since, also the letters I wrote in which I used other ideas of Miss Canby's. I find in one of them, a letter to Mr. Anagnos, dated September 29, 1891, words and sentiments exactly like those of the book. At the time I was writing "The Frost King," and this letter, like many others, contains phrases which show that my mind was saturated with the story. I represent my teacher as saying to me of the golden autumn leaves, "Yes, they are beautiful enough to comfort us for the flight of summer"—an idea direct from Miss Canby's story. 事实上,那时我不但读了《冰雪仙子》,我还在我写的信中借用了肯拜小姐的一些观点。我在一封信中找到了佐证,这封信是写给阿纳戈诺斯先生的,时间是1891年9月29日,信中的措辞和观点确实很像那本书的语言。当时,我正在写《冰雪之王》,就像我写的很多别的信一样,这封信中也包含了那篇故事所使用的语句。当然,这些成语都是被我融会贯通后,能够代表我思想的词句。比如,我是这样描述老师所说的秋日中的金黄色的树叶的:“是的,它们的美丽足以安抚我们对逝去夏日的眷恋之情。”——这样的一个观点直接来自于肯拜小姐的故事。 This habit of assimilating what pleased me and giving it out again as my own appears in much of my early correspondence and my first attempts at writing. In a composition which I wrote about the old cities of Greece and Italy, I borrowed my glowing desCRIptions, with variations, from sources I have forgotten. I knew Mr. Anagnos's great love of antiquity and his enthusiastic appreciation of all beautiful sentiments about Italy and Greece. I therefore gathered from all the books I read every bit of poetry or of history that I thought would give him pleasure. 这种深受周围事物同化的习性令我乐此不疲,我在早期通信和最初的写作中无不透露出同化因素的影响。我曾在自己的作文中写到了希腊和意大利的古老城市,我借用了多姿多彩的生动描述,但是我已经不记得它们的出处了。我知道阿纳戈诺斯先生对古代希腊和罗马的遗迹情有独钟,并且对它们所创造的古代文明推崇备至。于是,我便从我读过的所有书本中搜集出相关的诗歌和历史,我想这一定会令他很开心。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170701/471507.html