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Even the consciousness that it was only a dreadful mistake did not lessen my suffering, and when at last I was allowed to leave the room, I was dazed and did not notice my teacher's caresses, or the tender words of my friends, who said I was a brave little girl and they were proud of me. 甚至连我的意识也变成了可怕的帮凶,它无法解除我的痛苦。终于,我被获准离开了房间,我头晕脑涨,根本没有留意老师的拥抱和朋友们的好言安慰。朋友们都说我是一个勇敢的女孩,她们为我感到自豪。 As I lay in my bed that night, I wept as I hope few children have wept. I felt so cold, I imagined I should die before morning, and the thought comforted me. I think if this sorrow had come to me when I was older, it would have broken my spirit beyond repairing. But the angel of forgetfulness has gathered up and carried away much of the misery and all the bitterness of those sad days. 那晚我躺在床上,我难过得哭了,我希望别的孩子不要遭受我这样的痛苦。我浑身发冷,我觉得自己在天亮之前就会死去;而且,这种想法令我感到了一丝宽慰。我想,假如在我长大后遇到这种伤心事,那么我的灵魂一定会破碎到无法修补的境地。但是,遗忘天使迟早会收集起痛苦岁月的所有悲伤,并且将其彻底清除出脆弱的心灵。 Miss Sullivan had never heard of "The Frost Fairies" or of the book in which it was published. With the assistance of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, she investigated the matter carefully, and at last it came out that Mrs. Sophia C. Hopkins had a copy of Miss Canby's "Birdie and His Friends" in 1888, the year that we spent the summer with her at Brewster. Mrs. Hopkins was unable to find her copy; but she has told me that at that time, while Miss Sullivan was away on a vacation, she tried to amuse me by reading from various books, and although she could not remember reading "The Frost Fairies" any more than I, yet she felt sure that "Birdie and His Friends" was one of them. She explained the disappearance of the book by the fact that she had a short time before sold her house and disposed of many juvenile books, such as old schoolbooks and fairy tales, and that "Birdie and His Friends" was probably among them. 苏立文小姐从来没有听说过《冰雪仙子》的故事,也不知道有这么一本书。在亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔博士的帮助下,她仔细地调查了这件事,最后终于有了些眉目。1888年,索菲娅·C.霍普金斯夫人有一本肯拜小姐的《布莱迪和他的伙伴们》。那一年,我们和她一起在布鲁斯特度过了夏天。霍普金斯夫人已经无法找到那本书,但是她告诉我,当时苏立文小姐正在外出休假,为了逗我开心,她就为我读各种各样的书。虽然她不记得曾为我读过《冰雪仙子》的故事,但是她确信《布莱迪和他的伙伴们》应该是其中的一本书。她向我解释了那本书消失的原因。事实上,在把房子卖掉之前,她就处理了大量的青少年读物、老课本和童话故事,而《布莱迪和他的伙伴们》很可能就夹在其中。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170624/469224.html