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Living in a world which is full of changes and challenges,we are confronted with new problems every single day. Of all the issues, one might concern the high school graduates the most, and it is if there are two options: to major in science or humanities. As for me, I prefer the latter. Why, you may wonder, should I prefer to major in humanities. The reasons responsible for it can be listed as follows. Among the most important reasons cited by people is that to major in humanities, directly or indirectly, can not only enrich our basic knowledge about the diversified culture but also sharpen one’s insight in daily routine, which is of great importance in one’s growth. What’s more, to study humanities can give us an independent personality and a deeper vision towards the world, if it were not for those two attributes, how could we achieve great goals in this dog-eat-dog world. Above all, in such a society where emphasis,more often than not, is laid on the depth of one’s thought, to choose humanities as one’s major, must be the best way . To major humanities, so at least it seems to me, is preferable for college students, if they had the chance, in the process of which we will develop an innovative thought mode. As a proverb goes ,there is no difficulty that an innovative thought mode can not solve, no door that an innovative thought mode can not open, no mountain that an innovative thought mode can not surmount. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170623/468510.html