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【参考范文】 In recent years, an increasing number of students choose to attend college abroad, while some, financially challenging or not, still regard going to school at home as their first choice. It is obvious that this phenomenon has been the concern of many people. From my perspective of view, to study abroad has both benefits and drawbacks. There is no doubt that students are benefiting tremendously from attending college abroad. Those who study at a world famous university can not only broaden their horizons but also gain better job opportunities. As exposed to foreign cultures and customs, overseas students can immerse themselves in the nation’s language. As to studying abroad, certainly, some drawbacks does exist. First, living away from home can be challenging and even frustrating to some extent. Moreover, the language barrier may cause difficulties for students whose language skill is not good enough. In addition, some students even experience culture shock in the alien environment as a result of unfamiliarity and maladjustment. All in all, in order to achieve a colorful as well as meaningful experience in your life, students having the idea of studying abroad must be well prepared for all the possibilities they may encounter before making final decisions. 【参考译文】 近年来,越来越多的学生选择出国留学,然而,不管经济条件如何,一些学生仍然把在国内上大学作为首选。很明显,这种现象一直受到人们的关注。在我看来,出国留学有利有弊。 毫无疑问,出国留学让学生受益匪浅。那些在世界名校读书的学生不仅可以开阔眼界,而且可以获得更好的工作机会。因为接触国外的文化和习俗,留学生可以让自己融入该国语言。当然,关于出国留学,也存在一定的弊端。首先,从某种程度上来说,远离家乡是具有一定的挑战性的,甚至是令人沮丧的。对于语言技能不够好的学生,语言障碍也可能造成一定的困难。此外,在陌生的环境,由于不熟悉和不适应,一些学生甚至经历了文化冲击。 总的来说,为了获得人生中一段丰富多彩而且有意义的经历,有出国留学想法的学生在做出最终的决定之前一定要做好可能遭遇各种可能性的准备。 以上就是文都教育英语老师为大家提供的大学英语六级考试写作真题的题目和参考范文,希望对各位同学有所帮助。来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170623/468503.html