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I do not feel each letter any more than you see each letter separately when you read. Constant practice makes the fingers very flexible, and some of my friends spell rapidly—about as fast as an expert writes on a typewriter. The mere spelling is, of course, no more a conscious act than it is in writing. 所以,当你为我“读”的时候,我并不会感到辨别字母的速度比你看的速度慢。长期的训练令手指变得异常灵活。在我的朋友们当中,有些人的拼写速度惊人——就像一个熟练使用打字机的行家里手一样快。当然,这种拼写方式只是一种不得已而为之的行为。 When I had made speech my own, I could not wait to go home. At last the happiest of happy moments arrived. I had made my homeward journey, talking constantly to Miss Sullivan, not for the sake of talking, but determined to improve to the last minute. Almost before I knew it, the train stopped at the Tuscumbia station, and there on the platform stood the whole family. My eyes fill with tears now as I think how my mother pressed me close to her, speechless and trembling with delight, taking in every syllable that I spoke, while little Mildred seized my free hand and kissed it and danced, and my father expressed his pride and affection in a big silence. It was as if Isaiah's prophecy had been fulfilled in me, "The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands!" 当我能够开口讲话的时候,我几乎无法抑制住迫切的归家心情。终于,最快乐的时刻到来了,我踏上了返乡的旅程。一路上,我不停地和苏立文小姐说话。当然,这并不是为了单纯地说话,我决心提高我的说话水平,直到最后一刻。不知不觉间,火车已经停靠在图斯康比亚车站,全家人都站在月台上迎接我。我的眼中噙满泪水,我想到了母亲是如何把我紧紧地搂在怀里,激动得浑身颤抖不能言语,她仔细地聆听我发出的每一个音节;我想到了小妹妹米尔德莱德抓住我的手又吻又跳;我想到了父亲以长久的沉默来表达他的慈爱和自豪。我们相会的景象就像《以赛亚书》中应验的预言:“大山小山必在你们面前发声歌唱。田野的树木也都拍掌。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170622/468422.html