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佐州自救兄弟(Ride Along) 第01期

他们告诉我就是你 They told me you are the man. 他们说这个家伙什么都能做 They said that this guy can move anything. 他们这么说的 They said that? 是的 Yeah. 他们说的就是我 I am the man. 美国护照 USA passport. 世界上最有价值的纸张 The most valuable piece of paper 我们亲自做的 in the world and we make it our own. 那东西手工很巧 That shit's artisanal. 这个我说了算 I'll be the judge of that. 还不错 Not bad. 奥马尔怎么样 那个友善的小鬼 What about Omar? The friendly ghost? 他不会因为这个砍掉你的脑袋吗 He ain't gonna cut your head off for this? 我知道他拥有这座城 I know he owns the city. 奥马尔亲自签署的 Omar signed off personally. 我不知道你在跟谁胡说 反正不是我 I don't know who you think you're bullshitting, but it ain't me. 在说我是个骗子吗 Calling me a liar? 当枪指着你的脸的时候吗 With guns on your face? 你个疯子你不相信我 You crazy you don't trust me. 让我解释给你听 Let me explain something to you. 这个世上我爱的没有多少 There's not a lot in this world that I love, 但我喜欢的 我谁也不相信 but the shit that I love, I don't trust with nobody. 现在我会买50个 I'll buy 50 now 在奥马尔直视我之后再买500个 and 500 after Omar looks me in my eye 让我知道 他不会因为这个交易而要杀我 and lets me know he's not going to kill me over this deal. 这是你能安排的吗 Is that something you can arrange? 还是更多扯淡 Or is it more bullshit? 兄弟 你疯了 You're crazy, bro. 是啊 我疯了 Yeah, I am crazy, 但疯得很好 but in a good way. 该死 Shit! 大家都趴下 亚特兰大警察局 Everybody down! Atlanta PD! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/Ride-Along-1.html