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A snowy night closed upon the world, and in the morning one could scarcely recognize a feature of the landscape. All the roads were hidden, not a single landmark was visible, only a waste of snow with trees rising out of it. 雪夜紧紧地将世界围裹起来,第二天一早,你几乎辨认不出眼前的景物;所有的道路都隐匿不见了,也见不到任何一个标记性的建筑,只剩下一片被皑皑白雪覆盖的森林。 In the evening a wind from the northeast sprang up, and the flakes rushed hither and thither in furious melee. Around the great fire we sat and told merry tales, and frolicked, and quite forgot that we were in the midst of a desolate solitude, shut in from all communication with the outside world. But during the night the fury of the wind increased to such a degree that it thrilled us with a vague terror. The rafters creaked and strained, and the branches of the trees surrounding the house rattled and beat against the windows, as the winds rioted up and down the country. 夜晚再度降临的时候,一股来自东北部的狂风会将雪片吹得漫天飞舞。围坐在熊熊燃烧的炉火旁,我们一边讲逗趣的故事,一边尽情嬉戏,全然忘记了被风雪隔绝在孤立无援的屋子里。但是随着风势的加大,我们也感到了莫名的恐惧。房椽吱吱作响,围着房子的树枝哗啦哗啦地击打着窗户,一切都在狂风的势力之下苟延残喘。 On the third day after the beginning of the storm the snow ceased. The sun broke through the clouds and shone upon a vast, undulating white plain. High mounds, pyramids heaped in fantastic shapes, and impenetrable drifts lay scattered in every direction. 肆虐的暴风雪终于在第三天停止了。太阳穿过云层照耀在绵延起伏的白色原野上,高高的雪丘姿态万千,令人难以置信地向着四面八方散播开来。 Narrow paths were shoveled through the drifts. I put on my cloak and hood and went out. The air stung my cheeks like fire. Half walking in the paths, half working our way through the lesser drifts, we succeeded in reaching a pine grove just outside a broad pasture. 人们在积雪上踏出了一条条小路。我穿上斗篷系着头巾走到屋外,冷气顿时把我的脸颊刺得火烧火燎地疼。事实上,我们是在一边试探一边行走的。最终,我们总算来到了大牧场外围的那片松树林。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/467379.html