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最后一次驱魔2(The Last Exorcism Part II) 第13期

-瑟西尔...-它在哪里 -Cecile! Cecile! Cecile! -Where is it? 它肯定会现身 必须把它困住 It's definitely here. You need to bind it. 约翰 约翰 John. John! 驱魔仪式 没有效 The ritual, it's not working. 约翰 John! -冷静 -约翰 -Be calm! -John! 你是由羔羊养大的老虎 You're a tiger raised by lambs. 你的出生 原本应该伟大 You were born to be magnificent. 你是神祇的传递圣器 You are the vessel of a god. 我的天 Oh, my God. 考德先生 制止它 Mr. Calder, make it stop! 速速进入那只鸡 我们把你困住 Unto this animal, we thee bind. 它跑掉了 It's breaking through. 阿邦魔 Abalam! 速速进入那只鸡 我们把你困住 Unto this animal, we thee bind! -没效果 -有点耐心 -It's not working! -Give it time! -它跑了 力量太强 -不可能 -It's gotten through it! It's too strong! -It's not possible! 我的天呀 Dear God! 必须制止它 We have to stop it. 它会杀死我们所有人 It'll kill us all! -约翰 -你知道该怎么做 -John! -You got it, right? 老天原谅我 God forgive me. 你做的很对 You did the right thing. 你努力抵抗 为什么 You fight so hard, but why? 爸 Daddy. 我只是想告诉你 你好美丽 I just wanted you to see how beautiful you really are. 爸 Daddy. 他们正在帮你注射 足以致死剂量的吗啡 They've injected your IV with a lethal dose of morphine. 他们在毒杀我们 They're killing us. 你骗人 You're lying. 你的手已经麻痹 Your arm is already numb. 不用几分钟 肩膀也会麻掉 In a few moments, it'll be your shoulder. 然后心脏麻痹 Then your heart. 然后 什么都没了 And then nothing. Ever again. 如果你不相信我说的 自己问他们 If you don't believe me, just ask them. 瑟西尔 考德先生 我觉得... Cecile, Mr. Calder, I think something... 我感觉 我的手怪怪的 I can feel it coming up my arm. 原谅我 孩子 Forgive me, child. 魔鬼法力太强 他们无从选择 It's too strong. They had no choice. 救命 Help! 救命 Help me! 来人救命 Somebody, help! 不要 No! 所有人都让你失望 只有我一直陪伴着你 Everyone lets you down but me. I'm always there for you. 真相是 Truth is, 我从未离开过 I never really left. -我们一直在你里面 -停止 -We've always been inside you. -Stop it! 求求你们 Please! 我们一直在等待 等待你也爱我们 妮儿 We've been waiting for you to love us back, Nell. 回过来爱我们 Love us back. 我们能帮你 We can help you. 我们能爱你 We can love you. 我们是一体的 We're one. 自从伊凡森林之后 我们一直都是 We always have been. Since Ivanwood. 从你出生 我们一直都是 Since the day you were born, we were meant to be. 你只要握我的手就好 You just need to take my hand. 拥抱你真正的自己 Embrace who you are. 求求你 Please. 妮儿 Nell. 爱我 Love me. 拥抱你真正的自己 Embrace who you are. 回过来爱我们 Love us back. -结束了吗 -结束了 -Is it over? -It's done. 求求你 Please. 不 不 No, no, no, no! 我一直在等 实在太离谱了 I've been on hold. This is ridiculous. 我又不是傻瓜 就是事态严重 I'm not being obtuse. It's important. 她17岁 可能需要医疗照护 She's 17. Likely needs medical attention. 你所谓的紧急是什么标准 What would be an emergency in your opinion? 老天 妮儿 你让我担心死了 For Christ's sake, Nell, you've had me worried sick. -你怎么了 -嘘 -What happened to you? -Shh. 没事了 It's okay. 法兰克 我要感谢你的帮忙 I wanted to thank you for your help, Frank. 你是个好人 You're a kind man. 妮儿 Nell? 不是 No. 现在我知道我是谁了 I know who I am now. 而且我知道我来这人世间的意义 And I know who I was meant to be. 什么意思 What do you mean? 不 妮儿 不要 No! Nell! No!来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/467265.html