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最后一次驱魔2(The Last Exorcism Part II) 第12期

她准备好了 She's ready. 请躺下 好吗 Would you lie down for me, please? 怕你伤害自己 In case of seizure. 地板洒盐 Salt the floor. 圣环结界内的神母 O miraculous mother within the sacred circle, 吾招唤您 求您大慈大悲 I call upon thee to extend the merciful, 广大灵感神通得以保护我们 loving kindness so that the powers of perpetual help will protect us. 我不喜欢针 I don't like needles. 这只是加持过的盐水袋 It's just salt water that's been blessed. 圣环结界... O miraculous mother, within this... 帮你脱离它的魔掌 It'll help release his hold on you. 不会痛 Just a quick stick. ...广大灵感神通力 ...kindness, so that the powers of perpetual help 得以保护我们 will protect us and assist us. 请应许我们的请求... Please, grant us our desire... 不管发生什么事 专注在我的声音就好 No matter what happens, focus on the sound of my voice. 它愿意说及做任何事 以达成跟你的结合 He will do and say anything to complete the bond with you. 广大灵感神通力 So that the powers 得以保护我们 of perpetual help will protect us and assist us. 请应许我们的请求 Please grant us our desire. 圣环结界内的神母... O miraculous mother... 马上 我们就来召唤它 In a moment, we will summon him. 我们会阻断它对你的掌握 把它收到那只鸡体内 We'll sever his hold on you and bind him to that animal. 再把鸡宰掉 就能解放你 As we kill it, we'll free you. 别担心 那只鸡不会感到疼痛 Don't worry. Chicken won't feel a thing. 谢谢 Thank you. 行了 开始 Done. 等一下 我怕 Wait. I'm scared. 我知道 孩子 I know. I know, child. 勇敢一点 几分钟后 这所有坏事都会远离 好吗 But a few minutes of bravery and this'll all be done, okay? 数到五 妮儿 On the count of five, Nell. 我们将召唤它 困住它 We will summon him and trap him. 一 One. 二 Two. 三 Three. 四 Four. -它在这边 -我仪式还没完成 -It's here! -But I haven't finished yet. 瑟西尔 Cecile! 瑟西尔 就在那边 Cecile! Cecile! Cecile! It's right there! -你确定吗 -是 它就站在那边 -Are you certain? -Yes! It's right there!来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/467264.html