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最后一次驱魔2(The Last Exorcism Part II) 第11期

有人能解决这件事 But there are people that can help. "护世圣战团"的人 The Order of the Right Hand Path. 你帮不了我吗 You can't help me? 我一个人不行 它力量太大 Not alone. He's too powerful. 它了解你所有的事情 He knows everything about you. 对了... Speaking of... 谁是克里斯 Who's Chris? 我问 我漂亮吗 他说漂亮 "... am I pretty?"And he said, "Yes." 他说 我觉得你长得真漂亮... He said, "I think you're so pretty..." 克里斯 Chris? 克里斯 Chris? 天呀 克里斯 Oh, my goodness, Chris. 我好担心 I was so worried. 怎么了 What's wrong? 它很爱你 He loves you so much. 我无法像它那样爱你 I could never really love you. Not like that. 克里斯... Chris... 我没资格爱你 You deserve so much. 克里斯 Chris...! 不 No. 它好爱你 He loves you so much. 喂 Hello? 妮儿 我是克里斯 Hey, Nell, it's Chris. 我有朋友想要见你 I have a friend who really wants to meet you. 我要宰了你 I'm gonna kill you. 他们随时会到 They'll be here any minute. 然后呢 And then what? 我们要阻止它 We put an end to it. 恶魔草茶 帮你对抗恶魔 Devil's root. It'll help prepare you. 喝吧 Drink. 他们来了 They're here. 嗨 瑟西尔 Hi, Cecile. 你就是妮儿 You must be Nell. 谢谢你让我们来 Thank you for letting us come. 我叫约翰 考德 John Calder. 我们来这帮你 We're gonna make you better. 我保证 I promise. -楼上准备好了吗 -好了 -Is the upstairs clear now? -Yes. 很好 Very good. 我们开始 Let's begin. 好了 请进 Okay. Come in. 好 Good. 这个要贴你背部及你胸部 I have to place these on your back and on your chest. 可以吗 May...? May I? 请跟我来 If you'll follow me. 它残存一小部份 还在你体内 A piece of him is still inside you. 我们要完全消灭它 We need to break it. 请你坐下 好吗 Would you sit up here for me, please? 别担心 我会保护你 Don't worry, I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you. 谢谢 Thank you, sir. 感谢你这么快就准备好 Thanks for readying this so quickly. 我尽力而为 Anything I can do.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/467263.html