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最后一次驱魔2(The Last Exorcism Part II) 第09期

让它进入你心里 它将释放你自由 Let him into your heart He will set you free! 相信它 Believe in him! 小姐 Hey, hey, Lady! 不可思议 Ha! That's unbelievable! 对不起 有事吗 I'm sorry, do you need something? 视频 Uh... The video. 你身体弯成那样 The way you bend your body all around like that. 不可思议 太神奇了 That's amazing! That shit's amazing! Huh? -可不可以跟你合拍一张照片 -不 对不起 -I gotta get a picture with you, okay? -No. I'm sorry. 拜托 只花你几秒钟时间 Come on, it'll only take a second, please. Just... Huh? 很快就好 Real fast. 怎么会这样... I don't know why... 我朋友认为 你在视频上的演出都是真的 You know, my friend thinks all of this shit is really real. 能跟你拍张照 一定会他乐翻天 That is gonna blow his mind. If I could just get a picture with you. -拜托小姐 再拍一张 -不 对不起 -Please, lady. One little picture. -No, I'm sorry. No. Please. -拜托 再拍一张 -滚开去死 -Come on, just one little picture. -Just fuck off! 快救他 Help him. 来人呀 救命 Somebody help! -快救他 -妮儿 -Help him! -Nell. Nell. 你跟我走 You need to come with me. 求你 相信我 Please. Trust me. 从你住院开始 我就一直在注意你 I've been keeping watch over you since the hospital. 护世圣战团 The Order of the Right Hand, 他们试图保护你远离黑暗势力 they've been trying to protect you from a dark presence. 对于末日 他们有一则古老预言 They have an old prophecy about the end time. 当魔鬼占据一名纯真童女 They will be brought about when a demon takes an innocent. 不威胁恐吓 而出自该童女的自愿 Not by force, but by her own free will. 接着世界将跟着毁灭 And our destruction will follow. 我看过跟着你的魔鬼 I saw your devil. 它正图谋着什么 And he's planning something. 对你 For you. 瑟西尔小姐 我知道我无法独自对抗 Miss Cecile, I know I can't do this on my own. 可我也没钱 But I don't have any money. 孩子 我不收你半毛钱 Child, I ain't asked you for one red cent. 请坐 Have a seat. 放轻松 你在这很安全 Relax. You're safe here.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170619/467261.html