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最后一次驱魔2(The Last Exorcism Part II) 第08期

二 Two. -不 -停止 -No! -Stop it! -三 -行了 停下来 -Three! -We're done! Stop it. 停下来 停下来 Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! -停 -你们在干什么 -Stop! -What the hell is going on? -这女孩被魔鬼附身 -你们去死 -Girl's got a demon in her! -Screw you! 真的鬼上身 She does. 我们都经历过一些坏事 我们也都希望能走出阴影 We all have pasts we wish we could undo, kiddo. 但我希望 在你心底你清楚 But I hope you know, in your heart, 这段视频 里面的人不是你 that that video is not you. 那不是真的 It ain't real. 那些邪教膜拜的人 他们所为 Those people, that cult, what they did, 并不能框住你 that doesn't define you. 只有你的行为才会 Only your actions do. 你不会有事吧 You gonna be okay? 不会有事 I'll be fine. 神呀 求你 Please, Lord. Please. 求你指引我方向 Please show me the way. 小姐 Miss? 对不起 我只是... I'm sorry, sir. I was just... 求神帮忙 不是什么坏事 it never hurts to ask for help. 是的 Yes, sir. 一个人独自面对吗 And it's lonely, isn't it? 打了一场败仗 Fighting a losing battle. 日复一日 Day after day. 当你知道打不赢时 When you know you can't win. 你只是在拖时间罢了 You're just putting off the inevitable. 干么这样 And for what? 哼 Hmm? 为什么 For what? 抗拒无用 What good comes from resistance? 你唯一要做的 即寻求它的爱 When all you have to do is ask for his love. 让它进入你体内 Let him into your heart. Yes. 明白吗 所有的抗拒都无用 See, all that fighting and resistance 所作所为皆是徒然 不是吗 just seems so wasteful now, doesn't it? 没事孩子 它有耐心 It's all right, child. He's patient. 你无法逃避它 And you can't run from him. 对不起 我可不可以走了 Sorry, sir, can you please let me go? 你无处可去 你走到哪它跟到哪 There's no place you can go. There's no place he won't follow you. 堕落后 After the fall, 再升起 comes the rise. 它对你安排了大计划 And he has great plans for you. 它将释放你自由 He will set you free. 求你让我走 让我走... Please, let me go! Let me...来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170523/466458.html