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I had never crossed it until one day Mildred, Miss Sullivan and I were lost in the woods, and wandered for hours without finding a path. 我从来没有去过那里。直到有一天,米尔德莱德、苏立文小姐和我在森林里迷了路,我们转了好几个小时都没有找到一条回家的路。 Suddenly Mildred pointed with her little hand and exclaimed, "There's the trestle!" We would have taken any way rather than this; but it was late and growing dark, and the trestle was a short cut home. I had to feel for the rails with my toe; but I was not afraid, and got on very well, until all at once there came a faint "puff, puff" from the distance. 突然,米尔德莱德指着前方惊叫起来:“那儿有一座高架桥!”我知道,走任何一条路都比走那条路强;但是此时天色渐晚,高架桥是离家最近的通道。于是,我不得不用脚尖探索着桥栏行走。我一点都不害怕,而且感觉良好。走着走着,从远处隐隐约约地传来一阵阵咝咝声。 "I see the train!" CRIed Mildred, and in another minute it would have been upon us had we not climbed down on the crossbraces while it rushed over our heads. I felt the hot breath from the engine on my face, and the smoke and ashes almost choked us. As the train rumbled by, the trestle shook and swayed until I thought we should be dashed to the chasm below. With the utmost difficulty we regained the track. Long after dark we reached home and found the cottage empty; the family were all out hunting for us. “我看见火车了!”米尔德莱德喊道。如果我们不爬到下面的桥桁上,那么一分钟后,火车就会冲我们迎面驶来。当时,我能够感觉到火车头的蒸汽弥漫在四周,烟雾和灰尘几乎令我们窒息。当火车从我们身边隆隆驶过时,铁桥也被震得晃动起来,我想我们很可能会掉进脚下的深谷里。费了好一番周折,我们总算又回到了铁轨上。到家时天早已经黑了,小屋里阒无一人,原来家人们全都出去找我们了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170518/465116.html