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2016年12月英语四级(第2套)听力真题 听力短文(01)

There's one sound that gets a big reaction from kids on a hot day, the sound of an ice-cream truck. 在大热天里,有一个声音能让孩子们有特别大的反应,那就是冰激凌车的声音。 Maria McCartney has been in the mobile ice-cream business since 2005. Maria McCartney从2005年就开始了她的移动冰激凌生意。 "When I was a little girl, I saw an ice-cream truck and knew I wanted to have one someday," McCartney said. McCartney说:“我小的时候看到冰激凌车,我就知道迟早有一天我自己会有一辆。” During the hot days of summer, Maria and her daughter drive an ice-cream truck through neighborhoods and parks in Billings. 炎炎夏日,Maria和她的女儿就会开着他们的冰激凌车在比令斯走街串巷。 It's not about making money for this former elementary school teacher. 对于这位前小学教师来说,这并不是为了赚钱。 Rather, she wants to preserve the tradition of the neighborhood ice-cream truck. 她更想保留住街区里这种冰激凌车的传统。 "Truly my favorite part is to see the kids jumping up and down and they just get so excited. “我最喜欢的就是看着孩子们兴奋地蹦蹦跳跳。” It's great to build a memory for them too. “这对于他们来说也是一段美好的记忆。” There's not a lot of these ice-cream trucks around anymore. “现如今已经没有多少冰激凌车了。” The parents come out barefoot and screaming, ready to buy ice-cream; “父母们光着脚叫喊着出门来,准备买冰激凌; they remember when they were kids and they saw a truck," she said. 他们还能记起小的时候看到冰激凌车的样子。”她说。 While the treats may be ice cold, Maria has a warm heart for little faces. 尽管冰激凌冷冰冰,Maria却有着一颗对孩子们温暖的心。 Her truck features a donation bucket for kids who don't have money for ice-cream. 她的冰激凌车还会为那些买不起冰激凌的孩子们有捐款。 "When there are three kids and only two of them have money, “比如有三个孩子一起来,两个孩子有钱买, I always make sure the third one gets something because I can't drive away and have that third one not have something," she said. 我通常会保证另外一个孩子拿点东西回去,因为我不会看着第三个孩子空手而归。”她说。 Questions 16 to 18 are based on the passage you have just heard. 请根据你刚刚听到的文章回答问题16至问题18。 Question 16.What does the speaker say about Maria McCartney? 问题16.说话的人怎么说Maria McCartney? Question 17. Why does Maria go into the mobile ice-cream business? 问题17.为什么Maria会开冰激凌车生意? Question 18. Why does Maria put a donation bucket in her truck? 问题18.为什么Maria会在车里放一个捐款箱? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170513/463434.html