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2016年12月英语四级(第2套)听力真题 长对话(01)

M: Good morning. What can I do for you? 男:早上好。有什么我能帮您的吗? W: Good morning. Could I talk to Jeffry Harding please? 女:早上好。Jeffry Harding在吗? M: Speaking. 男:我就是。 W: Hello, Jeff. It's Helen. I got your message on the answering machine. What's the problem? 女:你好,杰夫。我是海伦。我听到你在答录机上的留言了。怎么了? M: Oh, Helen. Well, it's the Grimsby plant again, I'm afraid. The robots on Line 3 have gone wrong. And the line is at a standstill. 男:哦,海伦。又是格林斯比厂事情。3号线上的机器人出问题了。整条线都暂停了。 W: Can't you replace them with the stand-ins? 女:你能不能替换一下? M: I'm afraid not. The stand-ins are already in use on Line 6. And the ones from Line 6 are being serviced. 男:恐怕不行。替换机器人已经在6号线开始用了。6号线上的那些正在保养。 W: When did this happen, Jeff? 女:什么时候发生的,杰夫? M: Well, they've been making a low continuous sound for a day or two. But they finally went dead at 2:30 this afternoon. 男:那些机器人连续一两天发出声音。但是它们今天下午2:30才不动了。 W: I see. What did you do? Have you tried the whole plant? 女:我知道了。你怎么处理的?你有没有试一下整个车间的机器人? M: Not yet, Helen. I thought I'd better get your OK first. 男:还没有呢。我觉得最好先经过你的批准。 W: OK. Get on the phone to Tom, and try to get their stand-ins over tonight. We have to be back at full capacity tomorrow morning. Is it a major job to repair our robots? 女:没问题。打电话给汤姆,让他们的替代机器人今晚停工。明早我们得恢复全线生产。修复我们的机器人是个大工程吗? M: About a week. That's what the maintenance engineer says. 男:大约得一周。保修工程师是这么说的。 W: Right. Well, if you can get the ones from Tom, please ask Tom to inform Sheffield that he may need their stand-ins in case of emergency during the next week. 女:好吧。如果你从汤姆那里要替代机器人的话,记得让汤姆告诉谢菲尔德,通知他可能会用到谢菲尔德那的替代机器人,以防下周有紧急情况。 M: OK. Thank you very much, Helen. 男:好的。非常感谢你,海伦。 W: You are most welcome. 女:没关系的。 M: Sorry to spoil your day off. 男:很抱歉打扰你的假期了。 W: It doesn't matter. 女:没事。 Questions 8 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard. 请根据你刚刚听到的对话回答问题8至问题11。 Question 8.What did the man do before the telephone conversation? 问题8.打电话之前,男士做了什么? Question 9.What does the man say about line 3 in the Grimsby plant? 问题9.格林斯比厂3号线怎么了? Question 10.What is the man's purpose in calling the woman? 问题10.男士给女士打电话的目的是什么? Question 11.Where is the woman at the time of the conversation? 问题11.对话发生的时候女士在哪里? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170512/463086.html