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希拉里纽约州竞选演讲 第02期

I promise you tonight that I will reach across party lines to bring progress for all of New York's families. 今晚我发誓,我将跨越两党的界线为全纽约州的所有家庭创造繁荣与进步。 Today we voted as Democrats and Republicans. Tomorrow we begin again as New Yorkers. 今天,我们以民主党人和共和党人的身份投票;明天,我们将作为纽约人重新开始。 And how fortunate we are indeed to live in the most diverse, dynamic and beautiful state in the entire union. 能生活在我国多元文化最丰富多彩、最生气勃勃、最美丽的一个州,我们是多么的幸运。 You know, from the South Bronx to the Southern Tier, from Brooklyn to Buffalo, from Montauk to Massena, from the world's tallest skyscrapers to breathtaking mountain ranges 大家知道,从南布朗克斯到纽约最南端,从布鲁克林到布法罗,从蒙特哥到马塞纳,从世界上最高的摩天大楼到令人叹为观止的绵延山脉 I've met people whose faces and stories I will never forget. 我认识了不少人,我永远也不会忘记他们的容貌和故事。 Thousands of New Yorkers from all 62 counties welcomed me into your schools, your local diners, your factory floors, your living rooms and front porches. 纽约六十二个县成千上万的纽约人把我迎进了你们的学校、你们的风味小餐馆、你们的车间、你们的起居室和前廊。 You taught me, you tested me and you shared with me your challenges and concerns 你们教导着我,你们考验着我,你们把面临的难题和关心的问题告诉我 about overcrowded or crumbling schools, about the struggle to care for growing children and aging parents, 拥挤的校园和破旧的校舍,养育孩子和赡养年迈双亲的艰辛,寻求人人同等待遇的挑战, about the continuing challenge of providing equal opportunity for all.and about children moving away from their home towns because good jobs are so hard to find in upstate New York. 还有在纽约州北部地区因为就业机会难寻,孩子们都离开故乡、移往他处的问题。 Now I've worked on issues like these for a long time, some of them for 30 years, and I am determined to make a difference for all of you. 长期以来,我一直在为这些问题奔忙,有些问题甚至我已经为之奋斗了30年之久,我决心让这些问题得到改观。 You see, I believe our nation owes every responsible citizen and every responsible family the tools that they need to make the most of their own lives. 大家知道,我们国家有义务让每个有责任感的公民和家庭的生活更上一层楼。 That's the basic bargain, I'll do my best to honor in the United States Senate. 这是最起码的,作为一名参议员,我将尽自己最大的努力来实现它。 And to those of you who did not support me, I want you to know that I will work in the Senate for you and for all New Yorkers. 对于那些在过去没有支持我的人们,我想告诉你们,我将在参议院为你们、为全体纽约人而工作。 And to those of you who worked so hard and never lost faith even in the toughest times, I offer you my undying gratitude. 对于那些勤奋工作、甚至在最艰难的时期也不放弃信念的人们,我永远感谢你们。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170509/462194.html