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One day spent with the blind children made me feel thoroughly at home in my new environment, and I looked eagerly from one pleasant experience to another as the days flew swiftly by. 同我的盲童朋友们待上一天后,我完全适应了新环境,感觉就像在家一样。一天过去,我就盼着又一天的到来,我渴望在每天都获得愉悦的经历。 I could not quite convince myself that there was much world left, for I regarded Boston as the beginning and the end of creation. 我并不想弄清楚周围是不是还有更加广阔的天地,我把波士顿当做万物的起始点和终结地。 While we were in Boston we visited Bunker Hill, and there I had my first lesson in history. The story of the brave men who had fought on the spot where we stood excited me greatly. I climbed the monument, counting the steps, and wondering as I went higher and yet higher if the soldiers had climbed this great stairway and shot at the enemy on the ground below. 在波士顿的时候,我们参观了邦克山,我在那里学到了我的第一堂历史课。我们的脚下就是勇士曾经战斗过的阵地,他们的无畏气概令我激动不已。在去山顶纪念碑凭吊的途中,我一边数着台阶,一边想象着当年的士兵爬到高坡,居高临下向敌人射击时的情景。 The next day we went to Plymouth by water. This was my first trip on the ocean and my first voyage in a steamboat. How full of life and motion it was! But the rumble of the machinery made me think it was thundering, and I began to cry, because I feared if it rained we should not be able to have our picnic out of doors. I was more interested, I think, in the great rock on which the Pilgrims landed than in anything else in Plymouth. I could touch it, and perhaps that made the coming of the Pilgrims and their toils and great deeds seem more real to me. I have often held in my hand a little model of the Plymouth Rock which a kind gentleman gave me at Pilgrim Hall, and I have fingered its curves, the split in the centre and the embossed figures "1620," and turned over in my mind all that I knew about the wonderful story of the Pilgrims. 第二天,我们经由水路前往普利茅斯,这是我第一次乘坐汽船在海上航行。真想不到汽船能装那么多人!不过这个隆隆作响的机器让我想起了雷电,我开始哭了起来,我担心一旦下雨,我们就不能去野餐了。在普利茅斯,我对清教徒登陆的巨大礁石最感兴趣。我能够触摸到这些岩石,也许这让我更真切地体会到了先民们的艰辛和伟大功绩。我经常会把一小块“普利茅斯岩”模型拿在手里,这是清教徒纪念堂中的一位友善的绅士送给我的;我能用手指摸到它弯曲的形状,中间的裂纹,以及“1620”字样的浮雕数字。当时,我满脑子里装的都是清教徒先民们开疆拓土的神奇故事。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170508/462016.html