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冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第06期

现在你知道了 Well, now you know. 你明天就离开 You've got to get on a plane tomorrow. 告诉他们你想过了你要回家 Tell them you thought it over and want to go home. 你在听我说吗 Are you listening to me? 上帝啊你真冷酷 My God, you're a cool customer. 这件事你一定计划好几个月了迈克尔 You must've been planning this for months, Michael. 你怎么能这么做你怎么能说这么多谎话 How could you do it? How could you tell those lies? 嗯我只是我想不告诉你比较好 Well, I just... I thought it would be better if you didn't know about this. 我仍然不敢相信这个事实 I still can't believe this is really happening. 我今天上午才知道你要来这里 It was only this morning I found out you were coming here. 我不知道怎么做我不敢相信 I didn't know what to do. I couldn't believe it. 我只知道要跟随你我 I just knew I had to follow you. I... 本能的要保护你或者什么我 By instinct, to protect you or something. I... 当我上了飞机 Then when I got on the plane, 没看见你我就想"感谢上帝他没有来" I couldn't see you and thought, "Thank God he hasn't come." 当你过来时就好像你恨我一样 And when you turned around, you looked as though you hated me. 莎拉你知道这个研究对我来说多重要 Sarah, you know how important this work is to me. 我必须这么做 I've got to go through with it. 我对这研究的感情比爱国之情更深 My feeling about it runs a lot deeper than just, uh, patriotism. -你是否意识到你是个叛国者-我不这么看 - Do you realize you're a traitor?- That's not the way I see it. 你疯了你怎么能告诉别人谁疯了 You're insane. How can you talk to someone who's insane? 莎拉如果我不向你解释是我不能向你解释 Sarah, if I can't explain it to you, I can't explain it to you. 迈克尔带我回去 Michael, take me home. 我不能对不起我不能莎拉 I can't. I'm sorry. I can't, Sarah. 我非常爱你你能带我会家吗 I love you very much. Would you please take me home? 对不起我不能 I'm sorry. I can't. 啊哈你来了 Aha, so here you are. 是啊房间真漂亮感觉舒服吗 Yes, a very nice room. Are you comfortable? 哦是的很好很好 Oh, yes, it's just fine. Well, 现在我们都卷进来了 now we are all settled in, 我建议我们一起去吃晚餐 I suggest we should all have dinner in the dining room. -谢谢我不饿-你累了 - Thank you. I'm... I'm not hungry.- You are tired. -你也许需要他们把东西送上来-这里有客房服务 - Perhaps you would like something up here.- There is room service. 是的为什么不试试呢卡尔和我下去吃 Yes, why don't you do that. Karl and I will get a bite downstairs. 你可以休息一会儿 You can rest for a while. -门开着迈克尔-是卡尔 - It's open, Michael.- It's Karl. 等一下 Ju... Just a minute. 请进 Come in. 哦非常抱歉 Oh, a thousand pardons. 没关系 It's all right. I'm decent. -是情书我相信-谢谢你 - A love letter, I have no doubt.- Thank you. 能和你一起共进早餐吗 Well, now to breakfast. Perhaps you would like to join me in the dining room? 谢谢我叫了一些咖啡上来请原谅 Thank you. I think I'll just have some coffee sent up to the room. Excuse me. 那我一个小时后来叫你 Then perhaps I might call for you in one half hour? 我有些事情要对你说 There's something I would like to talk to you about. 谢谢 Thanks. 阿姆斯特朗先生扮演一个可耻的背叛者感觉怎么样 Professor Armstrong, how does it feel to play the part of a dirty defector? 我看见你在电视上你表现的很好 I saw you on TV in town last night. You put on a good act. 我准备了很长时间 I've been conditioning myself for a long time. 来吧我带你走 Come on. Let's take a ride. 你怎么会把女朋友卷进来 What possessed you to bring your girl on a job like this? 不是她跟踪我那很重要 I didn't. She followed me. That's the whole point. 我们有两个人在逃跑时会很棘手 There are two of us involved in the escape now. 我无法说服她回去 I can't get her to go home. -她知道你真正要干什么吗-不当然不知道 - Does she know what you're really up to?- No, of course not. 很好如果她知道 That's good. Because if she did, 出了一点差错 and ever made any kind of a slip, 那些人就遭殃了 these people can play it rough. 我知道 I know that. 看先生干嘛不把智力活留给我们专业人士干呢 Look, mister. Why can't you leave this intelligence work to us professionals? 因为你不知道要找什么 'Cause you wouldn't know what to look for. 我要找的信息 The information I'm after 在莱比锡大学的一个教授的脑子里 is inside the head of a scientist at Leipzig University. 我时常想如果你们知道你们要找什么 I've often wondered if you professionals know what you're looking for... 当你们进去偷一些秘密文件 when you go in and steal secret papers.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201704/Torn-Curtain-6.html