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冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第02期

真是你的斯堪的纳维亚人的效率他们挂断了 Well, so much for your Scandinavian efficiency. You've been cut off. -他们说给你发电报了-搞错了 - They said something about sending you a radiogram.- Not me. 你还要多久 How much longer are you going to be? 我们还要去和那个瑞典教授亨斯托姆一起吃午饭吗 Aren't we supposed to have lunch with that Swedish professor, Hengstrom? -对1:30-在哪里 - Yeah, at 1:30.- Where? 就在这儿旅馆里 Here at the hotel. 好那我们时间还很充足你打算做什么 Good, that gives us plenty of time. What do you want to do? 嗯我还要刮胡子你为什么不去散步呢 Uh, look, I've gotta shave. Why don't you take a stroll? 哈罗哦又是你 Hello? Oh, it's you again. 是啊掉线了 Yes, we were cut off. 我知道地址是什么 I see. What's the address, please? 哪里 And that's where? 顺着水渠 And then follow the canal? 好谢谢我们会找到的 Yes, thank you. We'll find it. 迈克尔我去散步了半个小时后见 Michael, I'm going for that stroll. See you in half an hour. -你好像订了一本书我去给你取来-什么 - It seems you ordered a book. I'll pick it up for you.- What? 书店我去书店 The bookshop, I'm going there. 不等等 No, wait! 哦谢尔曼小姐 Oh, Miss Sherman. -哦早上好-今早感觉好点了吗 - Oh, good morning.- You are better this morning? -好点-我们约好一起吃午餐昨天在船上 - Better?- Our luncheon engagement yesterday on the ship... 你着凉了 You had a cold. -哦嗯是的好多了谢谢-好的 - Oh, uh, yes, much better. Thank you.- Good. 也许我们现在可以共进午餐 Then perhaps we can have our lunch now. 哦嗯我们和亨斯托姆教授有约 Oh, uh, well, we have a date with Professor Hengstrom. -我非常遗憾-是的我也是 - I'm awfully sorry.- Yes, I too. -要不今晚我们可以共进晚餐-也许吧 - Look, at dinner tonight, why don't you sit at our table?- Perhaps. 好 Good. 哦嗯你能告诉我艾莫书店在哪里吗 Oh. Uh, could you tell me where the Elmo Bookstore is, please? -出租车吗-哦不我想去这个地方 - Taxi?- Oh, no. I want this address. 哦昂史理特理饭店 Oh, Hotel d'Angleterre. 不下面的地址 No, the address underneath. 就在附近我带你去吧 It is quite near. We will go together. 你好像很喜欢他 You seem to like him very much. 喜欢他当然我们订婚了 Like him? Of course. We're engaged. -你还不知道吗-不知道 - Didn't you know?- No. 我们打算在几个月内结婚我们到了 We plan to be married in a couple of months. Here we are. 怎么了教授你不赞成我们结婚 What's the matter Professor? Don't you approve of marriage? 我当然赞成 Of course I do. -嗯我来取阿姆斯特朗先生订的书-请稍等 - Uh, do you have a book for Professor Armstrong?- One moment. 佛瑞德 Freddy? 教授自己怎么不来 Why didn't the professor come himself? 他现在正忙 He's busy at the moment. 我是他的助手谢尔曼小姐我们在电话里谈过的 I'm his assistant, Miss Sherman. I think we spoke on the phone. 哦是的请跟我来请原谅 Oh, yes. Will you come this way? Excuse us. 他们虔诚的祈祷书却在一堆废墟中玛格达 Them religious books is in a hell of a shambles, Magda. -谢谢你多少钱-已经付过了 - Thank you. How much is that?- On account. 我们已经收到钱了通过大来 We charge it, see. Diners Club. 请小心保管亲爱的 Take good care of it, dear heart. 这是第一版不是吗 It's a first edition, is that. 谢谢你 Thank you. -阿姆斯特朗教授是谁-你说什么亲爱的 - Who is this Professor Armstrong?- Didn't hear you, love. -阿姆斯特朗教授是谁-你拿的是什么 - Who is this Professor Armstrong?- What have you got there? -英语圣经-拿到储藏室去为他祈祷 - English Bibles.- Take them to the stockroom and pray for him. 谢谢哦曼弗雷德教授你认识亨斯托姆教授吧 Thank you. Oh, Professor Manfred, you know Professor Hengstrom, don't you? -来自瑞典科学学会-当然我们在船上见过的 - Swedish Academy of Science?- Of course. We met on the boat. 哦好我们晚餐时在12号桌见 Oh, well, we'll see you at dinner, then. Table 12. 阿姆斯特朗教授失陪一下 Professor Armstrong. Excuse me. 我对即将到来的午餐充满期待 I hope you're looking forward to our lunch. 这家饭店有最好的瑞典式自助餐 This hotel has an excellent smorgasbord. 你知道谢尔曼小姐 You know, Miss Sherman, 我时常想为什么丹麦最好的饭店 I've often wondered why one of the leading hotels in Denmark... 却叫做"英格兰饭店"还是用法语写的 should be called the 'Hotel of England' in the French language. 我认为这是树立国际声誉的理想方式 I suppose it's the ideal title for international... 哦顺便说一句教授我 Oh, by the way, Professor, I... 我答应谢尔曼小姐和她一起去提沃利吃午饭 I promised to take Miss Sherman to lunch at Tivoli. -你不介意吧-哦我当然介意 - You don't mind, do you?- Oh, but I do mind.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201704/Torn-Curtain-2.html