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死去的老鼠 The Dead Mouse

Recently, there were a lot of mice running in and out of my house at night, so we bought the drug to poison the mice. Two days later, my mother found two dead mice in the corner of the house, I was so scared, it was so disgusting and I refused to see the bodies. When my mother throwed them away, I though about the cleaners, they needed to clear the rubbish, they face these things every day. I admire them so much, they are doing the greatest job. I feel guilty to throw away the rubbish, making them to do the extra job. From now on, I will behave myself and be a polite girl. 最近,有很多老鼠晚上在我家里出没,所以我们买了药来毒死老鼠。两天后,我妈妈在房子的角落里发现了两死老鼠,我很害怕,很恶心,我拒绝看尸体。当母亲把老鼠扔掉后,我想到了清洁工,他们需要清理垃圾,每天面对这些事情。我佩服他们,他们做着最伟大的工作。我感到内疚,我会乱扔垃圾,使他们做额外的工作。从现在起,我要自我约束,成为一个有礼貌的女孩。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170214/The-Dead-Mouse.html