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你有什么才艺 What Skills Do You Have

When I was in primary school, my mother sent me to learn ballet, like other mothers, she hoped me to act like a princess, but I was not interested in dancing, so I quit the class. Later my mother tried to send me to learn singing, but I had no talent in it. When my mother’s friends were talking, they were so proud of their children, because they had the talent in dancing and singing. I felt a little loss, I must find my own talent and learn some skills. I found I was very interested in painting, now I have learned it for four years, my teacher speak highly of me.  在我上小学的时候,我妈妈送我去学习芭蕾舞,像其他母亲一样,她希望我像一个公主,但是我对跳舞不感兴趣,所以我后面旷课了。后来母亲试图送我去学习唱歌,但我没有天赋。我妈妈的朋友们在交谈时,他们为自己的孩子感到骄傲,因为他们在跳舞和唱歌上有天赋。我感到有点失落,我必须找到自己的天赋和学习一些技能。我发现我对绘画很感兴趣,现在我已经学了四年,我的老师也高度赞扬了我。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170213/What-Skills-Do-You-Have.html