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最后一天 The Last Day

Most people have thought about the question of what will they do if tomorrow were the last day for them. Some parents said they wanted to travel to the place they had always wanted, or they just spent the day together, having a date liked they just met before. When the children were asked, they gave the answer that they wanted to spend the time with their parents. The parents were so moved as they saw the video, the underestimated their children’s love for them, because sometimes arguments happened and the children would say bad words to hurt their feelings. The children love their parents always, no matter what happens.  大多数人都会想过这个问题,如果明天是最后一天,他们会做什么。一些家长说,他们想去一直想要去的地方,或者花一整天时间在一起,来一场认识前的约会。当孩子们被问到这个问题,他们给出答案,想花时间与他们的父母在一起。父母非常感动,当他们看到了视频,低估了孩子对自己的爱,因为有时发生了争论,孩子们会说难听的话伤害了他们的感情。孩子们永远爱他们的父母,无论发生什么。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170212/The-Last-Day.html