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你今天看书了吗 Have You Read Books Today

Li Ming is my classmate, he is always the best student in my class. The teachers speak highly of him all the time. I wondered how he can do so well, so I talked to him. He told me that he kept reading books every hour a day, if he was busy, he would do it before sleeping. I thought about most of us, we could’t wait to play computer games after we finished the homework. I could find something was different between Li Ming and other students, now I understand why, reading the books broadens his vision and enriches his mind, helping him to be a better man. So I make up my mind to keep reading.  李明是我的同学,他总是班上最好的学生。老师赞扬他。我想知道他如何能做的那么好,所以我和他聊天。他告诉我他一直每天读书一个小时,如果他很忙,他也会在睡觉前看。我想对大多数人来说,我们无法等到完成作业后再去玩电脑游戏。我能找到李明和其他学生之间不一样的东西,现在我明白为什么,阅读书籍开阔了他的视野,丰富了他的思想,帮助他成为一个更好的人。所以我下决心保持阅读。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170212/Have-You-Read-Books-Today.html