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我做的晚饭 The Dinner I Make

Last night, my parents told me that they would go to have dinner with friends, so they wouldn’t stay at home and let me to buy something to eat by myself. I played computer games for a long time and when I got tired, I found it was almost eight o’clock. I didn’t want to go out, so I opened the fridge, there were many stuffs for me to make dinner. I had never done it before, I only watched my mother cook, but I still wanted to try. I made a fire and put the meat in the pan, the flavors were also mixed in it. When the meat almost got black, I finished. Whe I tasted, I realized the meat was over cooked. I must learn to cook.  昨天晚上,我的父母告诉我,他们要去和朋友们吃晚饭,所以他们不在家,让我自己买东西吃。我玩了很久的电脑游戏,当我疲劳时,我发现这几乎八点钟。我不想出去,所以我打开冰箱,有许多东西可以让我做晚餐。我从来没有做过,我只看着我妈妈做饭,但是我还是想试一试。我生了火,把肉放进锅里,调料也混在其中。当肉几乎要变黑时,我就完成了。当我品尝,我意识到肉煮过了。我必须学会做饭。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170211/The-Dinner-I-Make.html