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不一样的美丽 The Different Beauty

In America, there is a girl who once was called the most ugly person in the world, because she was very thin and her bones could be seen clearly. What’s more, her face was disfigured. Actually, the girl got a very rare and strange sickness, which makes her to eat all the time and she never gets fat. When she walks on the street, everybody is watching her. The girl gave a speech recently, she went to college and got used to her life. she accepted her misfortune, and treated things in a different way, like she could eat as more as she want and her blind left eyes helped her to block what she refused to see. This strong girl has the different beauty.   在美国,有一个女孩曾经被称为世界上最丑的人,因为她非常瘦,骨头可以清楚的看到,而且,她的脸看起来像被毁容。实际上,这个女孩有着非常罕见的和奇怪的疾病,这让她不停地吃,她永远不会胖。当她走在街上时,每个人都看着她。女孩最近发表了讲话,她上了大学,习惯了她的生活,她接受了她的不幸,她把不幸用一种方式看待,她可以随意地吃,她盲目的左眼睛帮助她屏蔽她拒绝看到的东西。这个强大的女孩有不一样的美。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170210/The-Different-Beauty.html