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永远的天使 Forever Angel

Whenever I see the information about beauty contest, a named is always mentioned, that is Audrey Hepburn. Though she died in the 1990s, she is still remembered by people all the time. Everytime when I see her pictures, I am astonished by her natural beauty. Many young girls chase to make the plastic surgery nowadays, as a result, they look beautiful but lack of their own features. Hepburn has the classic beauty, because she acted in the elegant way and she was like a princess. All her life, she committed herself in the charity career. People called her the angel on earth, for her beautiful appearance and kind heart. She is classic and will never fade away. 每当我看到关于选美比赛的信息时,有一个名字总是会被提到,那就是奥黛丽赫本。虽然她在上个世纪90年代就过世了,但是她仍被人们记着。每次当我看到她的照片,我总是被她的自然美震惊到。如今许多年轻女孩追求整形手术后看起来很漂亮,但是却缺乏自己的特色。赫本拥有古典美,因为她优雅的行为方式宛如一个公主。在她一生当中,她投身慈善事业。人们称她为落入人间的天使,因为她美丽的外表和善良的心。她是永不会褪色的经典。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170209/Forever-Angel.html