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挣钱的意义The Meaning of Earning Money

There is no doubt that money is of great importance. We need money to support our lives and realize our dreams. For our parents, they save as much money as possible, while young generation trends to spend money for fun. In my opinion, the meaning of earning money is to improve life standard. 毫无疑问,钱是非常重要的,我们需要钱来支撑我们的生活,实现我们的梦想。对于我们的父母那一代,他们一生都在省钱,而年轻一代趋向于花钱找乐子。在我看来赚钱的意义是提高生活标准。 A Chinese girl was reported to save more than 100,000 RMB for working two years. Her monthly income is about 6,000 RMB. Many people are wondering about how she makes it for them saving nothing. The girl lives with her parents, and she barely joins the social activity, so all her spend is to take the bus. When young people read her story, they no longer admire her, because they don’t appreciate her lifestyle. 据报道,一个中国女孩工作两年存到了超过100000元。她的月收入约为6000元人民币。很多人都想知道她是怎么做到的,因为他们存不到钱。女孩和她的父母住,她几乎不参加社交活动,所以她所有的花费就是坐公共汽车。当年轻人们看到她的故事后,他们没有钦佩她,因为他们不欣赏她的生活方式。 Saving money brings some people happiness when they see the large number in credit card. But if they don’t spend the money to eat what they like or buy what they want. Instead, they live the same simple life every day. I feel sorry for them, because they don’t know improve lifestyle by earning money. The meaning of earning money is to bring us comfort, as so to enjoy life.  攒钱可以给一些人带来幸福,比如他们看到信用卡中的数字时。但是如果他们不花钱去吃喜爱的食物,或购买他们想要的东西,相反,他们每一天重复着同样简单的生活,我为他们感到遗憾,他们不知道挣钱改善生活方式。赚钱的意义是给我们带来舒适,去享受生活。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170208/The-Meaning-of-Earning-Money.html