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美国足球 American Soccer

American people are crazy about sports, basketball, baseball and football are very popular there. Most of them take exercise everyday, there is no doubt that sports have been part of their lives. But soccer as the most popular sport around the world, meets the awkward situation in the United States. 美国人都喜欢运动,篮球、棒球和足球很受欢迎。大多数人每天锻炼,毫无疑问,体育是他们生活的一部分。但足球是世界上最流行的体育运动,却在美国遭遇了尴尬的局面。 When people talking about basketball, everybody will think about NBA in America, which is the biggest basketball match in the world. It attracts fans from all around the world. But people barely connect soccer with America, because American people show little interest in it. For the old generation, they even don’t know how the game is played. 当人们谈论篮球时,每个人都会想到美国的NBA,这是世界上最大的篮球比赛。它吸引了来自世界各地的球迷。但是人们很少会把足球与美国连接在一起,因为美国人对此不感兴趣。对老一代来说,他们甚至不知道如何踢足球。 American football is different from soccer, it needs the unique sets to protect the football players, because the rule allows the player to grab the ball and then hit other player to win the match. American football is not favored by the coutries that outside the United States. But more young PEOPLE IN AMERICA like to play soccer and they make some breakthroughs in the World Cup matches. 美式足球是不同于英式足球,它需要独特的装备来保护球员,因为规则允许球员拿球,然后碰撞其他球员去赢得了比赛。美式足球在美国以外的国家不受欢迎。但在美国越来越多的年轻人喜欢踢足球,美国队在世界杯比赛中也取得了一些突破。 Soccer will be favored by more people, because the world is talking about it.  足球会受到更多的人喜爱,因为全世界都在谈论它。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170208/American-Soccer.html