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外国学生到韩国学习 Foreign Students Studied In Korea

Chinese education is always believed to be intense and inhuman, because so many children bury themselves in studying all the time. The program for foreign students studied in China became hot issue, which attracts Britain people to keep searching the Asian education. Now they make the plan to send three students to study in Korea. 中国的教育总是被认为是紧张和不人道的,因为很多孩子总是在埋头学习。有一个让外国学生在中国接受教育的项目成了热点,这个项目吸引了英国人持续热情去探索亚洲教育。如今他们做了一个计划,送三个学生到韩国学习。 The three students contain different levels. They lived with different roomates. The first day they met the big problem of waking up. They needed to get up at 6 o’clock, while in Britain they had class in 9 o’clock. When they struggled to sit in the classroom, the teacher tested their level. The foreign student with highest level felt hard to answer the question, while for most Korean students, they felt it was so easy.  三个学生的水平是不一样的。他们与不同的室友住在一起。第一天,起床对于他们来说就是大问题。他们需要6点钟起床,然而在英国他们9点才开始上课。在他们挣扎完坐在教室里时,老师对他们的水平进行了测试。水平最高的外国学生对这些问题觉得很难,而对于大多数韩国学生来说,他们却觉得非常简单。 When the class was finally over, it seemed to be relax, but for Korean students, there was another class waiting for them. Most of them needed to take training course just to improve their study until 10 P.M. The foreign students couldn’t believe, they kept studying all the time and had no time to play. 课程终于结束了的时候,似乎可以放松了,但对韩国学生,另一门课程正在等着他们。大多数学生需要去上培训班来提高他们的学习,学习到晚上10点。外国学生简直不敢相信,韩国学生竟然不停地学习,都没有时间去玩。 When they went back to their country, they felt so happy and lucky. Asian students are thought to be smart, for they spend so much time to study.  当他们回到他们的国家,他们感到很幸福,也很幸运。亚洲学生被认为是聪明的,那是因为他们花了很多时间去学习。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170207/Foreign-Students-Studied-In-Korea.html