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旅行让我成长 Travel Makes Me Grow Up

Going to high school is my first time to leave home. I have to live in school from Monday to Friday. I like to stay away from my parents for some time, because I can make my own choice and be free to go anywhere. My friends and I like to spend the weekend in the countryside that near the city we live. It is the short travel that I can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also learn to be independent. The things that nature teaches me are a lot. I can see from the color of the cloud to predict the weather and the sound of of animals have different meanings. All of these are hard to know from the books. I have my own thinking from these trips, and the way to take care of myself helps me to grow up.   上高中是我第一次离开家,我必须住在学校,从星期一到星期五。我喜欢离开父母一段时间,因为我可以自己做决定,随便去任何地方。我的朋友们和我喜欢在我们生活的城市附近的乡镇去度过周末。短暂的旅行,我不仅可以欣赏美丽的风景,同时也学会独立。自然教会我很多的东西。我能从云的颜色来预测天气和动物的声音有不同的含义。这些都是很难从书本学到。从这些旅行中,我有了自己的思考方式,也学会了照顾自己,这让我成长。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170206/Travel-Makes-Me-Grow-Up.html