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博物馆免费开放 Free Admission to Museums

Nowadays, more tourist sites are free to the tourists. As one of the hot sites that attracts people to visit, there is no doubt that this policy will bring more visitors. Going to the museum can broden horizon and enrich people’s minds. They can gain the knowledge from these cultural relics, which is much better than reading from textbooks. But at the same time, the large amount of people means challenge. More visitors will damage the cultural relics, for some will behave impolitely, they like to make some marks to remember the trip. What’more, some precious relics will be stolen, as everyone can’t be supervised all the time. Free admission to museum allows more people to witness the historical materials. It needs everyone to behave themselves, so as to better preserve the precious data, and let more people have the chance to visit.  如今,越来越多的旅游景点免费为游客开放。作为一个吸引着人们去参观的热门景点,毫无疑问,这一政策将带来更多的游客。去博物馆可以开阔人们的视野和丰富人们的思想。他们可以从这些文物学到知识,这比阅读教科书有用。但与此同时,大量的人也意味着挑战。越来越多的游客会破坏文物,因为有一些人存在不礼貌的行为,他们喜欢做一些标记来记念他们的旅行。而且,一些珍贵文物会被盗,因为人多博物馆就无法面面俱到。免费开放博物馆可以让更多的人见证历史材料。需要每个人管好自己,才能更好的保护宝贵的数据,让更多的人有机会去参观。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170206/Free-Admission-to-Museums.html