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EQ and IQ

EQ stands for the high social ability for people while IQ means the ability in academic study. There is an interesting situation that the smart person who has the high IQ while his EQ will be in the opposite. There are many classic images in the screen, like the characters in the TV series The Big Bang Theory. It tells about four clever scientists are treated as freaks, the ordinary person can’t understand their words, so the four scientists don’t have the social skill. Their neighbor, a girl who is pretty but with simple mind, makes connection with them. When they communicate, the girl can’t follow the idea of her strange neighbors. It seems that less people are both high EQ and high IQ. If I can choose, I prefer to have high EQ, because we need to make connection with others, if we do it well, then we can succeed. EQ对人们来说代表了很高的社交能力然而IQ则意味着在学术研究的能力。有一个有趣的现象,聪明的人拥有高智商,而他的情商则是相反的。有许多经典的屏幕形象,如电视剧《生活大爆炸》中的人物。它讲述四个聪明的科学家被视为怪胎,普通人无法理解他们的对话,所以四个科学家没有什么社交技能。他们的邻居,一个漂亮的女孩,但是头脑简单,和他们打交道。沟通时,女孩不能理解她这些奇怪的邻居的想法。似乎很少人同时拥有高情商和高智商。如果我可以选择,我宁愿有很高的情商,因为我们需要与他人进行交流,如果我们做得很好,那么我们就可以成功。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170205/EQ-and-IQ.html