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你能放下手机吗 Can You Put Down Your Smart Phone

I think most people have the moment to be annoyed by the technology. For example, the task is prepared to be finished in the certain time, but as we are easy to be lost in the computer games, nothing will be completed in the end. Technology indeed brings convenience, it improves our efficiency, but at the same time, it also distances people’s communication. A lot of my friends spend all their time in searching the Internet, even when we are sitting in a table, everyone lows down their heads and focus on playing smart phones. When I play jokes, no one gives me the response, I feel lost. We are just sitting face in face, while I feel the largest distance. The moment we talk to our friends and families is precious, don’t let smart phone controls your life. Just put down the phone and have a nice talk.  我认为大多数人都会有受到来自科技方面的困扰。例如,任务是要在特定的时间内准备完成,但是我们很容易迷失在电脑游戏里,最后什么也做不了。科技的确带来了方便,它可以提高我们的效率,但同时,它也给人们的沟通带来了隔阂。我很多朋友他们所有的时间都花在上网,甚至我们坐在一张桌子,大家都低下头来,每个人都专注于玩智能手机。我玩笑的时候,没有人给我回应,我觉得失落。我们面对面对坐着,然而我觉得距离却那么遥远。跟朋友和家人在一起的时光是宝贵的,不要让智能手机控制了你的生活。放下电话,进行愉快的聊天。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170205/Can-You-Put-Down-Your-Smart-Phone.html
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