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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第29期

则是目前我们在工业研发上的投入 is spend by industry in the UK on research and development, 仅占GDP的0.8% at present only 0.8% of GDP. 比美国和德国的一半还要少 less than half the percentage spent in the US and Germany. 我国在工业科学上的低投入 This low level of investment in science from industry means 意味着我们缺乏一种 it lacks the research capacity to reach out and exploit 探索科学知识的研究能力 the scientific knowledge being produced. 决策层应该转变思想 There needs to be a shift in the boardroom to understand 用更长远的眼光 and appreciate what science can bring, 来理解并欣赏科学的价值 with more focus on the longer term. 公共设施就是一个很典型的问题 Typical of the problem is what happened to the utilities. 在追求私有化的时代里 In the years following privatisation, 研发经费的投入会迅速降低 there was a collapse in spend on research and development, 这可能对短期效益有利 good for short-term profits maybe, 但对长期效益和可持续发展却不利 but not for long- term sustainability or long-term profits. 我热爱科学 因为它塑造了世界 I am passionate about science because it has shaped the world 并让世界更美好 and made it a better place, 我希望看到科学在我们的文化与经济中 and I want to see science placed more centre stage 处于更核心的位置 in our culture and economy. 我们目前的经济问题 Our present economic troubles 已经引起一场关于经济前景的讨论 have promoted a debate about the future of our economy, 而这其中 科学将成为一个极其重要的部分 and that future must include a major role for science. 我们需要新启蒙运动 We need a new Enlightenment, 21世纪的启蒙运动 an Enlightenment for the 21st Century 而英国以其自由的传统 and Britain is the place to do it 理性思维和科技成就 with its history of freedom, 无疑将会成为这场启蒙运动的起源地 rationality and scientific achievement. 我们在政府工作 决策层和公共服务中 We need more science in Government, 都需要更多的科学 the boardroom and public services, 需要更多科研经费 we need more funding for science, 需要公众更多的参与 we need greater engagement with the public 和一个乐于接纳科学的社会 and a society comfortable with science, 我们需要向人们宣传科学的奇妙 we need to convey the wonder of science 以及科学对文化和文明的贡献 and what it contributes to our culture and our civilisation. 如果我们想要科学起到上述作用 If we want science to deliver all of this, 我们必须行动起来 we must up our game, 放宽视野 大胆设想 with the vision to think big, 比我们的对手更大胆 bigger than our competitors 去畅想我们的未来 and to imagine where we want to be in the future. 科学可以助我们达成所愿 Science can help us get there, 和以往一样 just as it did in the past. 如果我们处理得当 整个社会都将受益 If we get it right, our whole society will benefit. 科学是 而且永远是 Science is, and always has been, 英国最强大的资本之一 one of Britain's greatest assets. 我坚信建立科学与社会的新型关系 I am optimistic that the time has come for 从而达成所有这些愿望的时机 a new deal between science and society to achieve 已经到来 all of these things. 如果我们想在世界的舞台上保持地位 If we are to hold our own on the world stage, 那么现在就要保证我们没有徒享虚名 then it is time to make sure we don't take it for granted, 我们鼓励 珍视 并且推动科学发展 but encourage, cherish, and promote our science. 我号召所有人马上开始行动 And I call upon us all to start now. 谢谢大家 Thank you.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170125/The-New-Enlightenment-29.html