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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第26期

我们的学校里需要更多的基思·尼尔 We need more Keith Neals in our schools. 对英国来说最重要的是一种文化转变 Most important for the UK is a culture shift 让人们能够完全认识到科学可能做出的贡献 to fully recognise what science can contribute. 我们应该重新唤醒启蒙运动的精神 We should reawaken the spirit of the Enlightenment, 一种对于科学和理性的尊重 a respect for science and rationality, 一种可以和各界人士 a free-sharing of ideas 自由分享理念和思想的精神 and thinking with people from all walks of life, 重振工业革命的活力 revive the energy of the Industrial Revolution, 有勇气去冒险 并且成为真正的企业家 and have the courage to take risks and be true entrepreneurs. 我们可以向月学会学习 We can learn from the Lunar Society where scientists, 让科学家 知识分子和企业家凝聚在一起 intellectuals and entrepreneurs met together. 但现今的世界更加复杂 But the world is more complex now. 我们越来越多地关注专业的领域 We have become more focused on specialist areas 而切断它们之间的联系 and cut off from each other. 科学家们对于其他科学领域 Scientists are insufficiently exposed 了解得不够充分 to other scientific disciplines. 科学家 技师和工程师间存在隔阂 There are barriers between scientists and technologists and engineers 这样就阻碍了创新所需要的信息交流 blocking the exchanges needed for innovation. 更大的阻碍存在于这些团体 There are further blocks between these communities 和那些需要科学应用的 and those who lead the public services and industry 公共服务和工业领先企业 who need the applications of science. 通过加强不同领域思想 It is essential to breakdown these barriers, 和人员的合作交流 来消除阻碍 through increasing the permeability of both ideas and people 是十分关键的一步 between different sectors. 加强合作交流能够带来 With permeability will come 更多创新思想和相互尊重 more innovative ideas and greater mutual respect, 从而在科学的应用过程中 leading to better progress in translating science来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170125/The-New-Enlightenment-26.html