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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第25期

他必须保证全世界最好的科学家 He has to make sure that the best scientists from around the world 知道他们是被英国欢迎的 know that they are welcomed here in the UK. 科学教育同样需要被关注 Science education also needs attention. 大众需要这种教育 People need an education that 要能够让他们完全参与到民主中去 allows them to fully participate in a democracy that 而这种民主则越来越关注科学事务 will increasingly require engagement with scientific matters. 教学要能够做到使那些 Teaching should be of a quality such that those pupils with 有科学家天赋和愿望的孩子 the talent and inclination to become scientists 受到鼓舞而努力下去 are inspired to do so. 如果现在的教育现状持续下去 This will be difficult 这些恐怕难以达成 if we continue as now, 现在几乎所有的小学老师 with nearly all primary school teachers, 超过四分之一的化学老师 over a quarter of chemistry teachers 和接近三分之一的物理老师 and nearly a third of physics teachers, 都没有科学专业的文凭 having no specialist qualifications in science. 学校的应用科学科目应该受到更多重视 There should be greater attention on practical science in schools 这里也包括自然历史 including natural history, 这门学科着重强调了科学是建立在 reinforcing the fact that science is built on 观察和实验的基础之上的 observation and experiment. 要能够让小学生们感受到科学的奇妙之处 Pupils must be inspired by the wonder of science, 并且了解为什么科学能够产生可靠的知识 and need to understand why science generates reliable knowledge. 至少当每个人离开学校的时候 At the very least, everyone leaving school 他们应该知道天文学和占星术的区别 should know the difference between astronomy and astrology. 我上学时就是被生物老师基思·尼尔启发的 I was inspired at school by my biology teacher, Keith Neal, 他重视应用科学 his focus on practical science 并且注重和学生沟通科学的奇妙之处 and on communicating the wonder of science 这一点对我走上科学家之路至关重要 was CRItical to me becoming a scientist.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170124/The-New-Enlightenment-25.html