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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第24期

于是我也有责任在医疗实验中出一份力 and I feel responsibility to assist in clinical trials, 把我所学用于 allowing what could be learned from me to 为后代提供更好的治疗 improve treatment of future generations. NHS应该转变职能 It is time to turn the NHS 成为医疗生产者兼医疗提供者 into a healthcare producer as well as a healthcare provider. 一方面存在商业和政治的短期压力 Bridging the often short-term pressures from commerce and politicians 另一方面研究活动转化成有效成果需时较长 with the longer time required to develop discovery research 调和两者之间的矛盾尤为重要 into effective applications is crucial. 政府资助的研究活动 Greater collaboration between publicly-funded research 和私有公司的进一步合作 and private companies can help 能够推动科学转化为应用 move from science to application. 伟大的科学研究需要人才 Great scientific research requires talent. 我们要培养全世界最优秀的科学家 The most accomplished scientists in the world need to 吸引人才 be trained here and attracted here. 英国以先进的研究享誉海外 The UK is known to be excellent in research 全世界的精英科学家们都想来这里工作 scientists of the highest quality from around the world want to come and work here 而这对我们将百利而无一害 which can only be to the country's good. 要吸引外国高素质科学家 The necessity to attract highly-trained scientists from abroad has to 英国的移民政策已有所反应 be reflected in the UK's immigration policy. 政府要起好带头作用 The Government needs to show leadership in this area 通过在公开场合强调 by publicly emphasising 和企业家 牧师以及体育明星一样 that scientists are as welcome as entrepreneur, 我们欢迎科学家到这里来工作 ministers of religion and sports stars to come and work here. 移民部部长已经表明他想要 The Immigration Minister has argued that he wants to 鼓励最优质的移民到这里来工作 encourage the brightest and best migrants to come and work here. 但这些不能只停留在口头 But this must not be merely rhetoric.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170124/The-New-Enlightenment-24.html