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吸血鬼日记(The Vampire Diaries)第04集 第23期

如果你对未来能抱有希望 "If you feel any hope for the future at all, 那说明你现在的生活好多了 "then you're already better off. 你得到了重新开始的机会 "You've been given a chance to start over. 我希望你接受 "I want you to take it. 我希望你快乐 I want you to be happy." 你想让我怎么做 So what do you want me to do? 你能收着这个 Can you hold on to that, 好好保管 以防我再需要它 keep it safe in case I ever need to read it again? 化羞愧为食量 Shame eating? 我在想那个怀孕女人 Thinking about that pregnant lady. 她很喜欢薄煎饼 She had a thing for pancakes. 你就记得这个 That's what you remember? 你记得的 对吗 You remember it, don't you? 你每天都会做薄煎饼 You make pancakes every day. 因为我无聊 Because I'm bored. 不 因为你在惩罚自己 No. Because you're punishing yourself. 你说这里是你的地狱 You called this place your hell. 说明你感到悔恨 That means you feel remorse. 这就是你和卡伊不同的地方 That's what makes you different than Kai. 那么你就还有希望 It means there's hope for you. 听着 我们还是能离开这里的 邦妮 Look. We can still get out of here, Bonnie. 我们可以把支配器偷来 We can just steal that ascendant contraption, 搞清楚卡伊知道些什么 然后抛下他 find out what Kai knows. We'll ditch him. 反正他也没有法力 He doesn't have any powers anyway. 实际上没那么简单 Actually, it's not that simple. 你不能再这么做了 太吓人了 You got to stop doing that. It's creepy. 是这样的 我对魔法有着特别的影响 Here's the thing. I have a peculiar effect on magic. 我不能自己产生魔法 I can't generate it myself, 但我可以从他人那里 暂时吸取 but I can consume it from others temporarily. 家里人都叫我讨厌鬼 Family called me an abomination. 太伤我感情了 That hurt my feelings. 行了 我们知道了 Ok. We get it. Ugh. 你们明白我为什么和我的巫师团合不来了吧 You can see why my coven and I didn't get along. 你似乎有最后通牒 I smell an ultimatum. 如果我吸光了邦妮的魔法 If I consume all of Bonnie's magic, 我只会害死她 I am just gonna end up killing her, 但如果我们齐心协力 but if we work together, 我们就可以友好地一起回家 we can all go home as friends, 否则我就吸光她的魔法 or I can devour her magic, 杀了你们俩 然后自己回家 kill you both and go home alone. 你们要怎么做 What's it gonna be? 有人吗 Hello? 艾薇 Ivy. 斯特凡 我感觉不太好 Stefan, I don't feel so good. 你朋友恩佐让我喝了他的血 Your friend Enzo made me drink his blood, 我现在好渴 and now I'm just so thirsty. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170123/The-Vampire-Diaries-06-04-23.html