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BBC纪录片:新启蒙运动(The New Enlightenment) 第20期

几个世纪以来 我们在科学方面都很在行 We are very good at science here and have been for centuries. 大不列颠在奠定现代科学根基 Britain played a major role in founding modern science 且造福于公众方面功不可没 and its applications for the public good, 凭借的是17世纪成立的 through the efforts of the Royal Society, 英国皇家学会 成立于1660年 英国皇家学会的努力 beginning in the 17th century 和18及19世纪的工业革命 and the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. 现今 英国是除了美国以外 Today, the UK is second 对世界科学贡献最大的国家 only to the USA in contributions for the world's science 如果从成本效率角度看 很可能是第一位 and it's probably first in termed of cost efficiency. 这是我国所取得的令人瞩目的成就 This is an amazing achievement for our country. 我们也越来越 There is also an increasing respect for 尊重技术 尊重工程 technology and engineering in the UK, 从最近设立的 as seen with the recent founding of 百万英镑女王工程基金就能看出来 the one million pound Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, 该基金由政府和皇家工程学会赞助 sponsored by the Government and the Royal Academy of Engineering. 我们并不是要开创世界一流科学 We do not need to create world class science in our country, 我们已经做到 而如今要做的是维护 we already have it. Our task is to maintain, 尊重并且鼓励科学试验 cherish and encourage our scientific endeavour 推动其为公众所用 and to promote its use for the public good. 这个问题不容忽视 This is an issue that can no longer be ignored. 在未来 科学将是英国最强大的资源之一 Science is one of Britain's greaters resources in the future, 光是凭借廉价劳动力 we will not be able to compete on the world stage 或是大面积开发矿产资源 with low labour costs or by exploiting vast reserves 我们无法在世界舞台上立足 of mineral resources. 我们必须借助智慧 借助科学 We will have to compete with our brains and with our science. 伟大科学必需的很多特征都已深植于这里 Many features important for good science are well embedded in the UK.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170123/The-New-Enlightenment-20.html